Yong Junhyung Pour Out His Emotions In New Single “Sudden Shower”

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Highlight’s Yong Junhyung Returns with “Sudden Shower”, a track perfectly balancing rap and vocals.

On March 22, Highlight member Yong Junhyung returns with single “Sudden Shower” featuring acoustic duo 10cm.

Yong Junhyung

“Sudden Shower” talks about the male character suddenly recalling memories of his ex-girlfriend. It tells about the unguarded moment when we suddenly unexpectedly reminisce someone who used to be special. He realizes that he still misses her at times, hence the comparison with sudden shower.

The combination of vocals and rap contained in the track amplifies the rather depressing theme of the track, while making the song easy to listen to at the same time.

Yong Junhyung’s debut dates back to 2009. He began his music career as the rapper of boy band Beast under Cube Entertainment. Following disputes over the ownership of the group’s brand name with former agency, Beast re-branded as Highlight under self-formed label Around Us Entertainment.

Over the course of his career, Junhyung has released one EP and five solo singles. He made multiple OST tracks, and done more than 20 collaborations to date. Junhyung also ventured to the acting industry, making his debut as a cameo in KBS’ Salamander Guru and The Shadows in 2013.

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