GOT7’s Youngjae Inks Deal with New Agency Andbut Company

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Moving on up! GOT7’s Youngjae has signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, Andbut Company. The official announcement came on June 24th.

Andbut Company, founded by a former JYP Entertainment executive, expressed their excitement about having Youngjae on board. They acknowledge his “versatile abilities” and plan to fully support his artistic endeavors. This partnership seems like a natural fit, considering Andbut Company’s founder has maintained a connection with Youngjae since his GOT7 debut days.

For fans of Youngjae’s solo career, this news is promising. Andbut Company also revealed plans to collaborate with A-Side Company, another agency established by a former JYP Entertainment manager. This collaboration suggests a strong support system for Youngjae’s future activities.

Youngjae, known for his exceptional vocals and captivating stage presence, debuted as part of GOT7 in 2014. He transitioned to a solo artist in 2021, showcasing his musical talent through songwriting and composing alongside his impressive singing. His 2021 solo album “Do It” solidified his place as a rising star in the K-Pop solo artist scene. Currently, he keeps busy as a radio DJ on MBC FM4U’s “GOT7 Youngjae’s Close Friend.”

But wait, there’s more! Youngjae isn’t wasting any time with his new agency. He recently dropped the first teaser image for his upcoming digital single “TPO” on his social media channels, hinting at a new song release on July 9th.

This highly anticipated comeback marks Youngjae’s return to the music scene after an eight-month hiatus. Fans can expect him to showcase his diverse talents not only as a singer but also as a multi-faceted artist.