BoA Celebrates Her 20th Debut Anniversary Through A Stunning Photoshoot

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For her 20th debut anniversary, timeless talent BoA is taking over Allure Korea’s upcoming issue with her stunning charm and charisma.

As she celebrates twenty years in the K-pop music industry, BoA takes center stage in Allure Korea’s upcoming issue.

The timeless talent will be gracing the cover of the fashion and lifestyle magazine’s August issue, where she highlights her path to becoming a beloved artist through a photoshoot. In the preview photos released yesterday, the singer showcased her unique style and charisma through her captivating gazes and minimal hand gestures.

In the accompanying interview, BoA shared how she felt about celebrating twenty years in the music industry. “First, I’d like to give myself a congratulatory message,” she enthused. “It felt like time flew by so fast. I feel lucky to be able to be loved for doing what I want to do. The past twenty years have been really fun.”

The idol also shared how her relationship with her fans has grown throughout her career. “I feel good when people hear my songs and remember old memories,” she shared. “Now, I think of my fans as my friends. They often say that we’ve shared our lives, and I think we’ve grown close.”

BoA’s full interview and photoshoot can be found in Allure Korea’s August 2020 issue. Special interviews and behind-the-scenes content will also be released through the magazine’s social media channels.

Source: Sports Donga

Image Source: Allure Korea