HyunA And Dawn Showcase Their Dynamic Chemistry With DAZED Korea

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Everyone’s favorite power couple is showing their fans even more reasons to keep supporting their relationship.

For April issue, DAZED Korea is placing the spotlight on the dynamic HyunA and Dawn. Since the release of their much-awaited solos “Flower Shower” and “Money”, the two have been living a humble yet loving life together.

In the photos, the couple is wearing in vintage-inspired outfits which showcase their style and bright personalities. Notably, they are dressed in clothes designed by Italian clothing brand Golden Goose, which is known for producing clothes inspired by vintage sensibilities.

The couple also sat down for an interview, where they talked about each other’s strengths. HyunA shared her admiration for Dawn’s love of learning, adding that she liked being able to depend on him on this aspect.

“I can ask him things that I don’t know about,” HyunA explained. “I always learn something new from him, and I think it’s cool that I have a boyfriend who can always answer my questions.”

Dawn, meanwhile, shared how much he admired HyunA’s artistic sensibilities. “I think that HyunA shares an interest with a lot of people,” he explained. “When it comes to current trends, I really rely on her more.”

Image Source: DAZED Korea

Source: Xportsnews, Xportsnews

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