K-Photo Reel: MAMAMOO’s Hwasa For Cosmopolitan Korea August 2019 Issue

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Cosmopolitan Magazine’s August issue will be focusing on “girls on top”, a concept embodied by powerful Hwasa.

On July 17, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa took the internet by storm as it was revealed that she will be gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s August issue. The magazine gave MOOMOOs a sneak peek of the visuals she will be serving through photos and videos posted through their social media accounts.

Dubbed as a “Millennial Icon”, Hwasa effortlessly showcased her stunning visuals in the photo shoot. Her feature in the magazine will have two covers: one where she is dressed in a black two-piece and one where she covers up her body with a white sheet.

In close-up shots for the magazine, Hwasa showcases her breathtaking visuals through her fiery expression while sporting dark make-up shades and a striking highlight.

Her full body shots, meanwhile, strike the balance between fierce and playful. Hwasa showcases her strong physique and expression as she poses with a radio. She also plays around with a white sheet, seemingly enjoying herself.

Hwasa also sat down for an interview with the magazine, where she talks about her anxieties and how she copes with them. Despite achieving her dreams, she admits that there are some days where she still feels anxious.

“Whenever I feel anxious, I work on a song or compose a performance,” she notes. “I get excited whenever I think up a song or a performance and ask what concept would work for this?'”

Hwasa also relays her excitement about the photo shoot. “I like photo shoots because I can have more fun and enjoy them,” she shares.