Kang Daniel Flaunts His Charismatic Fashion Style For Grazia Magazine

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Kang Daniel poses with a cool and a chic look as Grazia magazine’s newest male muse!

Solo artist, Kang Daniel graces the May cover of fashion magazine Grazia showcasing his unique aura.

On April 15, Grazia posted two photos of Kang Daniel along with the caption “If Kang Daniel lives next door, will it not look like this? Grazia will release a May cover that features his life at home.” The theme of the May 2020 cover featuring Kang Daniel is called, ‘A Whole New World’.


In the released pictorial, Kang Daniel radiates his fatal charms. He looks effortlessly gorgeous proving himself to be an excellent model for fresh and colorful fashion.

Kang Daniel Grazia

In the first photo, Daniel exudes a warm appearance with a blue denim fit and black sunglasses. His eyes peeking through the glasses draws attention as it looks like he is penetrating through one’s soul.

With his crossed arms and french fries on one hand, the picture gives off the vibes of a casual atmosphere.

Kang Daniel Grazia

In another photo, he looks stylishly attractive wearing a dark orange knitwear and brown shorts. Daniel’s eyes especially stood out in this picture as he stares away from the camera gazing at something else.

Fans who saw the pictorial gave positive comments, such as “I’m looking forward to the May issue,” and “He is really handsome.”

Daniel recently had a comeback on March 24 with his mini-album CYAN. The album was immensely successful and it also recorded the highest sales for a soloist in 2020 on Hanteo.

Currently, he is busy preparing for his collaboration track with Zico as a part of the Pepsi X Starship For The Love Of It project.

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Images Credit: Grazia Magazine