LINE FRIENDS Officially Launches Global Online Store “LINE FRIENDS Collection”

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LINE FRIENDS officially launches a global online store with over 580 BT21 and BROWN & FRIENDS merchandise available worldwide!

LINE FRIENDS is launching its global online store ‘LINE FRIENDS Collection’ in 17 countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and Singapore on November 24 (PST).


Expanding beyond the original ‘flash sale-only’ offer, LINE FRIENDS is set to make its much-coveted 580+ official merchandise available for purchase at all times on ‘LINE FRIENDS Collection.’

To celebrate the launch, LINE FRIENDS runs 8-hour flash sale for its LINE FRIENDS Collection- exclusive BT21 Baby Big Head Cushion and BROWN & FRIENDS merchandise, as well as head turning promotional events such as ‘Hide and Seek’ where up to 70% discount coupons are hidden in plain sight.

LINE FRIENDS, a global character brand, announced to make an official launch of its global online store ‘LINE FRIENDS Collection’ on November 24 (PST) to provide customers the opportunity to enjoy LINE FRIENDS’ full range of merchandise that was previously available only through flash sale offers.


‘LINE FRIENDS Collection’ is an online platform that first opened last year to sell official merchandise to global customers through a series of 8-hour limited flash sales.

While the platform had been widely welcomed, with more than 300,000 people visiting ‘LINE FRIENDS Collection’ during the first week of the opening, LINE FRIENDS decided to expand beyond the original flash sale-only offer and make ‘LINE FRIENDS Collection’ accessible at all times to better reach the Millennials and Generation Z in 17 regions, including US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia.

BT21 Merchandise

A total 580 much-coveted merchandise, including BT21 Portable Mood Lamp, as well as BROWN & FRIENDS Monitor Figure and Traditional Hanbok edition Bag Charm Plush Doll, will be available for purchase year-round on ‘LINE FRIENDS Collection.’


LINE FRIENDS Collection-exclusive BT21 Baby Big Head Cushion

Furthermore, 8-hour flash sale on limited-edition items will run alongside two to four times a month, with the first flash sale coming against ‘LINE FRIENDS Collection’-exclusive BT21 Baby Big Head Cushion for 8 hours since the opening of the new global online store.

LINE FRIENDS will also be bringing massive head-turning promotions for those ready to go on a shopping spree for the year-end. Events like ‘Hide and Seek’ where customers will be invited to search for up to 70% discount codes hidden in plain sight, and ‘LINE FRIENDS’ Holiday Magic’ where one person a week will be randomly selected to receive up to USD 100-worth merchandise in their shopping carts for free are scheduled to run to celebrate the launch of ‘LINE FRIENDS Collection.’

Meanwhile, to make the new global online store a more enjoyable destination, LINE FRIENDS is slated to embed an interactive section in December, allowing customers to watch entertaining contents like video clips and illustrations shown on LINE FRIENDS’ official YouTube and Instagram accounts, all the while shopping.

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LINE FRIENDS is a global character brand that originally started from BROWN & FRIENDS, created for use as stickers for the leading mobile messenger app LINE and its 200 million active users worldwide.

Taking a step further, the company has emerged as a global creative studio by offering diversified content based on its wide array of Intellectual Property (IP)s including BT21, characters created together with global boy band BTS, Animation Running Man, and ‘ROY6’.

LINE FRIENDS is also expanding its IP based business by partnering with various media and game companies such as Netflix, featuring in the original animated series, SUPERCELL’s ‘Brawl Stars’ and NEXON’s ‘KartRider’.

It has also collaborated with a number of renowned brands including Bang & Olufsen, Converse, LAMY, and Leica, all aligned with the company’s philosophy and value to release premium character products.

LINE FRIENDS has operated more than 200 stores in a total of 14 markets in trend-leading cities such as New York, LA, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai.

Since it became an independent company in January 2015, the company continues to win the hearts of Millennials and Gen Z worldwide through interactive digital communication and differentiated brand experience across multiple retail touchpoints including its online sales platforms.

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