Lovelyz’ Kei Opens Up About All The Friendships She Formed During “Queendom”

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More than just a competition that helps girl groups grow, Queendom provided ways for their members to make new friends – as proven by Lovelyz’ Kei herself.

Mnet’s Queendom has provided many opportunities for girl groups and their members. Despite the competition, girl groups have cited all of the ways that the program has helped them better establish their concepts. For Lovelyz’ Kei, Queendom has helped her build up connections with other groups.

When asked on the friendships she was able to form on the show, Kei cites three names. “I am close to MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi, and Park Bom,” she notes. “She (Park Bom) is an idol I respect a lot and I really think we’ve gotten closer, and she sent me a message on Chuseok. It’s amazing that I still get to text and receive messages from my seniors.”

Out of all of these friendships, however, Kei cherishes the connection she made with Hwasa the most. “I was originally a fan of Hwasa because she’s a great performer. I’m honestly grateful that she agreed to be my partner for the performance.” Kei also shares how Hwasa has become a mentor figure to her during their work together. “During our practice, she was more like a teacher. She taught me about facial expressions, parts that didn’t fit me, and more.”

Overall, Kei notes that her experience with Queendom was great and that she’s grateful for the experience. “I really think competing here was a good idea,” she said, adding playfully, “After all, when else would I get to perform with Hwasa?”

Kei, Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Jin, Sujeong, and Yein will be wrapping up their Queendom run through the finale on October 31.

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