Makeup Artist Of MONSTA X Talks About Their Iconic Looks, Favourite Member To Do Makeup On & More With Allure Korea

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Curious about how MONSTA X gets their makeup done?

Seobjoo, the trusted makeup artist of MONSTA X, revealed some behind-the-scenes beauty facts about the group in a recent makeup interview with Allure Korea!

Starting by naming the most important part of doing the group’s makeup, she talked about how MONSTA X’s stage looks come to life.

“We mainly work with the concepts of the songs they’re doing,” Seobjoo cited.

“The colors and formulas change depending on the hair color of the members or the costume of the day,” she emphasized.

“For example, Wonho’s eye makeup, which you can see on “Alligator” has hidden behind-the-scenes stories. This symbolic line was actually a makeup look that I’ve been saving and saving for years. Personally, I liked it very much and it’s one of the most memorable works,” she added.

Recreating their iconic eye makeup look

Among the iconic makeup looks that Allure pointed out was MONSTA X’s style of looking powerful and brimming with energy on the stage through their eyes. With this, their trusted makeup artist shares how they make the seven boys’ beautiful eyes look bigger.

“At first glance, it looks like it is eye liner which stands out, but if you look closely, it’s not a line made with liquid eye liner or pencil. Instead, I put eye shadow and create eye makeup style that brings a shadowy effect to their eyes,” Seobjoo shared, and she also gave a few instructions on how to recreate the look.

“First, with eyes opened, mark how much eyeliner you need to remove and shade it into a brown or purple shadow.  I repeat the gradation naturally with a series of brown or purple shadows so that there would be no remnants of the line’s boundary using a point brush again,” she added, noting that with this trick, one can also create a more natural-looking eye line especially with the purple eye shadow.

Their favourite member to put makeup on

As for the member who they find as the most fun to try makeup looks on, she cites the group’s glass-skinned vocalist whose versatility is something they see as an amazing trait.

“Wonho’s face is very white. It’s very white that it can be compared to drawing on a blank canvas, and his face absorbs colors very well [making the colors look vibrant]. He pulls off any colors used on him, so the satisfaction level I get when doing his makeup is high. That’s why we tend to do many different experiments on his makeup look,” the makeup artist shared.

“Wonho doesn’t use foundation. We only use BB cream as base. If sometimes there’s trouble on his skin, we use concealer a little,” she also earlier noted.

“His skin is also very thin [like glass skin] so if I apply foundation, the rest of the makeup does not blend well with his skin. That’s why I just use BB cream for his base and for color correction as well,” she added as well.

Seobjoo also talked about another member’s beautifully flawless skin which they also love working on.

“For Shownu, because his skin tone is bronze, we use methods like bronzing and mixing gold color products to accentuate his glowing complexion and make him look even healthier. His skin is very good and doesn’t have trouble so when we do bronzing makeup, his skin shines prettily,” she shared.

Check out the rest of the interview here:

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Source: Allure Korea

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