“Seoul Train Korean BBQ” Takes You To A Food Feast Bursting With Korean Flavors & K-Pop Colors

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For Philippine K-Pop fans, level up your fan experience on board Seoul Train Korean BBQ!

Savor classic Korean food faves inside a comfy food hub with a visually creative train facade and interior. Quaintly designed in K-Pop flair, appetizing Korean dishes can be enjoyed by K-Pop fans and foodies alike.

Seoul Train Korean BBQ

Established by renowned concert producers Happee Sy-Go and Vernon Go, Seoul Train Korean BBQ was conceived because of the owners’ love for great food and traveling.

Launched in 2016, the restaurant took a temporary closure for some renovations at the end of 2019. On 10 January 2020, Seoul Train Korean BBQ reopened its doors with new surprises.

Seoul Train Korean BBQ


Comfy & Creatively Designed

Taking pride in fresh and quality meat cuts, Seoul Train is a K-Pop and train-themed Korean BBQ grill restaurant that uses smokeless charcoal for added flavor.

Yes, you read it right, typical Korean barbecue grill restaurants usually leaves lingering smell after you dine out. But not at Seoul Train Korean BBQ.

Aside from the comfy dining experience, the creatively designed exterior and interior give the diner a chance to capture social-media- ready-to-post-photos at every corner.

Apart from the revamped dining space, adorable entertaining nooks like the toy capsule vending machines and a mini mall would entice the visitors.

Additionally, K-Pop related figures and mementos are sprinkled as designs on the windows and walls of the train-structured restaurant.

Equipped with big LED-screen televisions showcasing music videos from popular K-Pop artists, patrons can groove to the bop rhythms  while waiting for the ordered food.

Seoul Train Korean BBQSeoul Train Korean BBQ

Seoul Train Korean BBQSeoul Train Korean BBQ

Appetizing Korean Food Treats

Chewy meat, check; yummy selection of side dishes, check; and savory Korean classic favorite dishes, check. As Korean food might be daunting for its spicy flavor, locals who share the same sentiments need not to worry.

Acknowledging that consideration, the dishes definitely suit Filipinos’ taste buds. Notably, the spicy flavor does not linger, and interestingly coaxes to munch even more food.

Seoul Train Korean BBQ

Whats New on the Menu?

This 2020, four new delectable dishes were officially launched.

Spicy Chicken Feet, Tangerine Chicken, Naejangtang (Beef Tripe and Intestine Soup) and Spicy Fish Stew make up the additions to the current menu.

Thus, further elevating the Korean BBQ experience of its growing market.

Seoul Train Dosirak

Treating Seoul Train patrons even more, they can now take home Dosirak, also known as, Korean Bento Meals.

Each order of the bento box contains rice, a viand of your choice and two side dishes: Kimchi and Fishcake.

The nine viands to choose from include: Dry Beef Bulgogi, Beef Bulgogi, Yangnyeom Galbi, L.A. Galbi, Samgyeopsal, Ssamjang Samgyeopsal, Bul Samgyeopsal, Dak Gui, and Bul Dak Gui.

Location & Contact Details

Situated in Metro Manila, the Korean barbecue restaurant is accessible to public transportation. Likewise, private vehicles can easily locate the place along Sgt. Esguerra avenue.

Seoul Train Korean BBQ is located at 28 Sgt. Esguerra Ave, Diliman, Quezon City. To stay updated with their dishes and offers, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and its official website.

For bookings and reservations, please call 09177722203 or 8287 2446.

Hellokpop extends gratitude to PULP Live World for the invites to sample yummy Korean dishes at the #ChewChewThursday event of Seoul Train Korean BBQ.

Event covered by: abbyinhallyuland & Emylyn Castalla

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