10 Female Kpop Idols Who Look Gorgeous Bare Faced

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Make-up is essential in Kpop: most idols express their concepts with the help of the right make-up look. Edgy, sweet, innocent; these are just some of those concepts that can be expressed with make-up. However, there are days when Kpop idols just want to bare their faces and deviate from their usual make-up routine. It helps make their faces breathe and relax.

GIF: tumblr.com

GIF: tumblr.com

Here is a list of 10 Kpop who opted for the natural look and went straight for a bare face or no make-up look.

1. YoonA (SNSD)

Photo: forums.soompi.com

Photo: forums.soompi.com

SNSD’s YoonA can still turn heads even with a bare face: her complexion looks fine once all that make-up is removed.

2. Dara (2ne1)

Photo: blog.zing.vn

Photo: blog.zing.vn

Dara is pretty much known for her “ageless” beauty, so much so that she’s considered a vampire. She’s been spotted several times going out without make-up.

3. IU

Photo: koreaboo.tumblr.com

Photo: koreaboo.tumblr.com

Korea’s sweetheart can still capture hearts even without putting make-up on her face.

4. Suzy (Miss A)

Photo: kpopstarz.com

Photo: kpopstarz.com

Suzy looks like a sweet and innocent teen without tons of make-up piled on her face.

5. Krystal (f(x))

Photo: blog.asiantown.net

Photo: blog.asiantown.net

Krystal looks great with make-up, but she still looks equally stunning without it.

6. Dasom (SISTAR)

Photo: soompi.com

Photo: soompi.com

Dasom looks pretty without all the make-up. A lot of Knetz also like her no make-up face.

7. Sohee (Wonder Girls)

Photo: sookyeong.wordpress.com

Photo: sookyeong.wordpress.com

Sohee has skin that still looks good without make-up: that’s why she’s the envy of many.

8. Yura (Girl’s Day)

Photo: koreaboo.tumblr.com

Photo: koreaboo.tumblr.com

Yura can still charm the crowd, even with her no make-up look. Though she looks a bit tired, she still looks great!

9. Jieun (Secret)

Photo: koreaboo.tumblr.com

Photo: koreaboo.tumblr.com

Jieun is known to take selcas even when she’s bare faced. You can tell she is confident without make-up

10. Hyuna (4Minute)

Photo: kpopstarz.com

Photo: kpopstarz.com

Hyuna usually sports dark make-up and smoky eyes, but she looks sure looks fresh without make-up and much younger too! Without her trademark eye make-up, her eyes look smaller.

Just like Kpop idols, we need to give our skin a break and take care of it properly. Ever read about the 10 step Korean skin care routine? These Kpop idols drink lots of water, eat healthy food and lots of fruits and vegetables to help maintain their clear complexion.

GIF: tumblr.com

GIF: tumblr.com

Would you dare go out without make-up? Which Kpop idol do you think looks best bare faced?

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  1. chalwoo

    October 11, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    Well, if you’re someone that wearing makeup a lot and love natural makeup you will se what I see 🙂 I know from the picture that Yoona and Yura both has their makeup done in a very very natural way (you see their eyebrows has no bald space like what every natural brows has, so it IS the work of makeup). Both are beautiful but because of the picture, both doesn’t count, sorry.. So my first choice is IU.
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