10 K-pop dance cover artists that dance like your idols

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Sharp and wild. Perfect dance moves that awe K-pop fans are no longer bound by Korean artists themselves.

With the influence of the Korean wave in recent years, K-pop fans have seen an increase of non-Korean YouTube dance artists who are also fans themselves. They rise from everywhere around the world and showcase their dancing talents on their own YouTube channels.

In one of our recent editorials, hellokpop‘s Nini talked about dance choreography, ran through facts on why dance is an important element, and explained how dance has drawn fans to the K-pop phenomenon. An academic research study conducted by hellokpop’s Crystal last year also revealed that dance choreography does, indeed, play a major role in the appeal of K-pop. These two articles clearly point to how influential the dance factor can be in K-pop.

So, what happens when these K-pop dance cover artists combine their passion for dancing and K-pop?  Amazing things.

Here we bring you the top 10 most influential K-pop dance cover artists who have successfully made a name for themselves on YouTube by harnessing the power of their passion for K-pop dance.


10. DarrenTP  

Darren is our favourite boy, whom we have known from the days when he started to cover K-pop dances. He is a dancing machine, and if you reside in Australia, do check out his Facebook page for dance workshops that he frequently conducts.

Facebook: DarrenTP



What is more awesome than knowing how far K-pop has reached, all the way to Mexico.  You have to watch these guys. Swag.

Facebook: Novolum


8. Inspirit 

These seven beautiful Russian girls called themselves Inspirit. They have been active since 2011 and have won awards in major contests.

Facebook: inspiritdance


7. Brian and Daniel Zhou

Brothers Brian and Daniel cover K-pop dances because they love to dance and have an affinity for K-pop. They also upload helpful tutorials for fans to learn how to dance too.

Check out their dance cover of Nu’est’s Hello, which has also helped them to came in first place in Loen dance competition, Let’s Dance Nu’est.

Twitter: BrianYZhou


6. Cindy Zhang

A dancing girl from Canada, Cindy is inspired by 4Minute’s Hyuna.

Facebook: SJlover4ever


5. Henry&Miles

Henry and Miles are twins who like to dance a lot, and they are really popular.

Facebook: HenryMiles


4. Secciya Ying Ying

Ying Ying is a dancer that learns from the young and also owns her own dance studio. Apart from her rich experience and exposure in the field, she was also one of the back dancers for G.Na during one of her concerts in 2011. Get mesmerized by her dancing talents.

Facebook: secciyaying


3. Cloudstrife718

Yet another dancing twin duo, Nicolas and Colin joined in the K-pop dance cover scene in 2010.  They also have their own fan club named Cloud9. Fans and supporters are called Raindrops.

Facebook: cloudstrife718


2. Kaotsun

Kaotsun is definitely one of the most influential dance cover artists on social media, particularly with fans and supporters in Asia and Australia. She has also won several dance competitions.

Facebook: kaotsun

Twitter: kaotsun

NS Yoon G & Jay Park – If you love me


1. St.319  

According to the number of views and subscribers on YouTube, St.319 is the most influential and leading K-pop dance artists on social media. The group hails from Hanoi, Vietnam, and has won a number of accolades, including from the top three entertainment agencies in South Korea–SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment. They have their own fan club, which is called IOWA.

To read more about St.319, click here – Uncovering St.319, the K-pop dance cover group from Vietnam

Offical Facebook page: st319dance

Fanclub Facebook page: IOWA

Website: st319


After reading and watching these 10 K-pop dance cover artists, I am sure you have become impressed by their talents and understand why some K-pop fans really love and support them.

During our recent interview with Tyrone “Niddy” Buckner, head of Billboard Entertainment Group LLC and freelance Co-Producer/A&R for C-JES Entertainment, he said this: “…. That’s why I love K-Pop fans. They’ve embraced me. They tell me about their dreams, hopes, stories, aspirations, what they love about K-Pop, what they want to see happen in K-Pop, what they’re willing to do to make it happen.  They are active themselves ….” – U.S. A&R Exec signs African-American K-pop artist and reveals ‘true’ side of JYJ

Believe me or not, that’s going to be what happens. K-pop fans are making all the difference right now.

The next future big thing in K-pop is going to be K-pop fans themselves, and if you are a K-pop fan, I am talking about you too.



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