10 Relationship Goals We Can Learn From 2017 Korean Drama Couples

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2017 Korean Drama Couples left thought provoking lessons that can assure love apprehensions, and seal commitment and promises.

2017 Korean Drama Couples

2017 Korean Drama couples accomplished incorporating contemplative lessons about love that you might need in your current relationship.

Aside from the endearing entertainment we witnessed while rooting for the love fulfillment for these romantic couples, we were also blessed with throwback love memories at some point of our lives.

Let’s round up some of the best 2017 Korean Drama couples as well as the relationship goals we can learn from them.


photocredit: SBS, KBS, jTBC

1.  Park Bo Young & Park Hyung Sik – Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Korean Drama Kisses

photocredit: jTBC

The adorable love couple has a rough start before they get involved romantically.  Bong Soon wallows in her insecurities as not being able to live a normal life due to her supernatural ability whereas Min Hyuk struggles to resolve his estranged family relationship.

The two become pillars of hope for each other in moments when they can’t even believe themselves.  Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to dream that everything will be alright when you are saddled with life uncertainties. Make sure that in moments when your loved one thinks that things are not going his way, tell him that he is just being redirected to another opportunity.

2.  Kim Ji Won & Park Seo Joon – Fight For My Way


fight for my way

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Growing up together, Dong Man and Ae Ra share experiences together as friends and have seen each other hitting rock bottom on the unfortunate events of their lives.

They reach that comfort zone where they don’t mind meddling with each other’s business.  They know what makes each other happy or sad.  While love keeps the fire in a relationship, nourishing friendship with your partner helps in being patient with each other.

3.  Park Min Young & Yeon Woo Jin – Queen For Seven Days


2017 Korean Drama Couples

photocredit: KBS

The tragic love affair of Prince Jin Seong and Shin Chae Gyung brings the viewers to the sweetest highs and despondent lows as the story treads in a web of doubts, betrayals and love.  The love couple who is forced to love each other from afar accepts that true love is kept in their hearts with the best memories they shared, even if they cannot have future moments together.

Sacrifices are inevitable in relationships. Instead of pointing out what you have done for someone, recognize that it is part of what you signed up for when you made that love promise.

4.  Nam Ji Hyun & Ji Chang Wook – Suspicious Partner


Suspicious Partner

photocredit: SBS

The conflict of the love couple’s parents’ deaths warrants a valid breakup reason for Bong Hee and Ji Wook.  But thanks to their rationally trained minds, they do not waste time, dwelling on unreasonable predicaments that they did not have control over with in the first place.  In the end, they follow their hearts to be in each other’s arms.

Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment when doubtful issues arise in your relationship.  Succumbing to jealousy is one of the usual suspects for failed relationship. It does not hurt to express yourself when you are feeling suspicious.

5.  Bae Suzy & Lee Jong Suk –  While You Were Sleeping


While You Were Sleeping

photocredit: SBS

The lovers with interconnected dreams acknowledge how fate brought them together so they can claim the closure from the same unfortunate event that happened to their fathers. With the ability to foresee mishaps, it pushes them to be protective of each other to a point where they want to cushion each other’s suffering. But they come to terms just how they are strong in taking the adversaries together. They are also happier in sharing happiness when they are both beside each other.

In good and bad times, stay beside your man or woman.

6.  Lee Yeon Hee & Jung Yong Hwa – The Package


The Package

photocredit: jTBC

The Package‘ main leads meet in a chartered travel get-away, with Lee Yeon Hee playing the role of a tour guide, who gets emotionally involved to Ma Ru portrayed by Jung Yong Hwa.  The fleeting romance of the lead couple radiates a resonating message that you can love instantaneously, fall out of it and love more at the right time.

Making time to travel as a couple not just raise happy memories, it also provides a time to rediscover the love which you feel with each other.

7.  Jang Na Ra & Son Ho Jun –  Go Back Couple


Go Back Couple

photocredit: KBS

Go Back Couple strides to a contemplative narrative about a 18-year old couple, who has decided to call it quits in their marriage, but is magically transported to the year when they first met. Having the memory of the unfortunate events that would sever their marriage, they opt not to take the road to their supposed relationship, only to rediscover pieces of memories that prods on how love does not happen instantaneously for them.

It is imminent at some point that you want to give up in a relationship when issues pile up.  When you have memories together, summon those happy times to help re-affirm the love you vowed before.

8. Joy & Lee Hyun Woo – The Liar & His Lover


photocredit: tvN

Han Gyul and So Rim represent the dream chasing love-birds from 2017 Korean Drama Couples. Their love for music binds them in achieving their personal goals.

It is nice to encourage each other to work on personal dreams. But having a combined purpose you intend to fulfill as a couple strengthens that relationship too.

9. Shin Se Kyung & Kim Rae Won – Black Knight


Black Knight

photocredit: KBS

Kim Rae Won reinvents mushy lines in his titular character Black Knight.  He says how he likes his girl no matter how dumb she would look or how the situation is off beat.

Little things matter in a relationship. Constantly declaring how you adore each other is sweet and love-affirming.

10.  Jung So Min & Lee Min Ki – Because This Is My First Life


Because This Is My First Life

photocredit: tvN

The emotionally perceptive story of  Because This Is My First Life gives pep talks on how to burst happiness into our faces by living and loving to the fullest. Ji Ho and Se Hee nullify their initial room rental contract to create a marriage powered by love. They overcome inhibitions by succumbing to that one reason why they want to be with each other. They let go of rationalizing why it might not work out.

Engaging in a relationship entails doing things together and taking in consideration your partner’s idea before making any decision. That causes a craving to either one of you to be emancipated in a world where you can be alone. When that happens, you make the other person overthink about why you are opting to keep everything by yourself. Make sure that when you want to be alone in a room, you leave the door slightly opened – in case you can’t bear with your pain anymore.

Indeed, we have learned a lot of life and love lessons from 2017 Korean Drama couples. Let’s look forward to another amazing K-Drama year this coming 2018!

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