10 Types Of K-Drama Boyfriends You Met In 2017

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Here is the rundown of Korean drama actors who satisfied our fictional boyfriend wishes in 2017.

Korean Drama Actors

Known for addictive romance stories, 2017 Korean drama actors gifted fans, especially women with picture perfect oppas to sweetly haunt their dreams.

The portrayals of some of our favorite lead men may seem to be idealistic, but the takeaway love lessons which they shared in their recent romance stories are something you can learn from.

Korean Drama Actors

1.  Sung Hoon #vacuumkisser
Cha Jin Wook in My Secret Romance

He treasures mementos seriously.

He kept the lead girl’s brassiere pad after their one-night stand. I don’t think I need to elaborate. *chuckles
Men like him value memories of being together. Chances are they won’t easily get swayed.

Korean Drama Actors

2.  Park Hyung Sik #pianokiss
Ahn Min Hyuk in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

He wants to be in a sure relationship.

Min Hyuk knows that his lady love Bong Soon harbors a longtime one-sided love with her friend. When he realizes he has fallen in love with her, he does not force the issue, and patiently waits for her to feel the sincerity of his emotions.

There are relationship that you can invest blindly and hope for the best that you will walk together in a flowery path. But your maturity and past love affairs count in deciding to commit in a new relationship even if you deny it.

Korean Drama Actors

3.  Son Seung Won #mysassygirl
Im Sung Min in Age of Youth 2

He sighs and understands your crazy temperament.

Sung Min’s patience towards his sporadic quasi-girlfriend whom he secretly likes, would make any viewer feel envious. His furtive gazes and automatic response to shield her from any harm is uncommon to find nowadays.
Technically Sung Min is not labeled as Ji Won’s boyfriend in the series. But their attachment to each other is amusingly sweet and genuinely binding.

A man who truly loves you takes your highs and lows. He understands that mood swings are designed to swing so he has to go with the flow.

Korean Drama Actors

4.  Yang Se Jong #bestnoonaromanceever
On Jung Sun in Temperature of Love

He is strict to draw a line from a girl he does not like.

Sun Joon, who receives a love confession from a friend of the woman he loves, sets a clear expectation right away that he is not responsible for what she feels. He straightforwardly affirms with her that he has never done such actions to make her misunderstand that there is a possibility for them to be together. In real life, someone like him is hard to find.  In the world of men who gets easily lured by the temptations of women, be like Sun Joon.

Korean Drama Actors

5.  Lee Hyun Woo #[email protected]
Kang Han Gyul in The Liar and His Lover

He encourages you to dream.

It takes a lot of courage to share your dreams with someone. If that person supports you in chasing what you want like what Han Gyul did to his music loving girlfriend So Rim, then he is a keeper.

Although it’s true that love is nurtured by sharing moments together, but you have to work on doing individual activities to avoid saturating your relationship.

Korean Drama Actors

6. Kim Jung Hyun #highschoolboycrush
Kim Tae Won in School 2017

He is a step or two behind to give you a push in case you are too scared to try.

The simple plot of School 2017 narrates the woes and troubles suffered by the student cast, who is forced to cope up with unwarranted discrimination. Tae Won willingly stands as a hero to his first love when she feels hopeless of her school situation. He does so by setting up a hideout where she can work on her webtoon skills.

A man does not need to shower you with material things. His presence for moments when you need him (even without saying it directly) is what it really matters.

Korean Drama Actors

7.  Park Seo Joon #thelovethatwasthereallalong
Go Dong Man in Fight For My Way

He will always be there by your side even if he does not understand why he has to be there.

Dong Man takes the long route of sorting his feelings with Ae Ra until they transit from being best friends to lovers. He is always there for her in almost all her bad breakups and problems.

Relationship teaches you to be sensitive to how your partner feels. If you land yourself in a disheartening situation, the thought of having someone who can listen to your woes and comfort your fears is already enough to face another day.

Korean Drama Actors

8.  Ji Chang Wook #kissingmaster
Noh Ji Wook in Suspicious Partner

He kisses like there’s no tomorrow. ㅋㅋㅋ

He has faith in you more than how you believe in yourself.

When no one seems to be at Bong Hee’s side after getting involved in a high-profile murder case, Ji Wook takes off his prosecutor robe after choosing to believe in the woman who he eventually falls in love with.  Trust maintains the direction of love. Always.

Korean Drama Actors

9.  Yeon Woo Jin #theprince&me
Prince Yuk in Queen For Seven Days

He loves you and really means it.

The sad love tale chronicled in Queen For Seven Days would make you question if you have loved enough to the point that it breaks your heart. Prince Yuk proves how he cherishes Chae Gyung by defying his family, and making her feel that she is a priority.

You can never be in a perfect relationship. Bumps would come and go to challenge the love you feel for each other.  If you are not happy in a relationship anymore, then be honest about it. Never settle to a half-hearted I-love-you. It doesn’t work at all.

Korean Drama Actors

10. Kim Jae Wook #blackknightwewishtobewith
Park Jung Woo in Temperature of Love

He is ready to take the pain for you.

It is hard not to love both the lead men in Temperature of Love because they both have their own earnest ways of showing how much they love the same girl. Kim Jae Wook’s second lead performance erases the creepy memories that he gave me at the start of the year with his psycho-villain portrayal in thriller drama Voice. His selfless shower of love and support to the lead girl who can’t love him back makes you want to take him out of the TV screen so you can give him the love that he deserves.

If a man can love you more than he can promise, his feelings won’t ever change.

There you go folks! We sure have a lot of heart-fluttering moments with some of our favorite Korean drama actors, who became our virtual one-sided boyfriends this year. *chuckles

Who is your man of choice among them?


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