11 Yummy Korean Dishes You Must Try

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Food has always been a stress reliever for most of us, may it be pastries, ice-cream, chocolate or whatever dish is inside your fridge.

Since I become a K-pop fan, embracing and knowing Korean culture has been a habit of mine, and that includes Korean dishes. I even enrolled in a Korean cuisine cooking class just to understand the culture better. Yes, if you like K-pop,  you should also like the food!

I’m sure you know what bibimbap, kimbap, kimchi and samgyeopsal are but there is more than that! In no particular order, here are some Korean dishes that you must go ahead and try!

1. Mandu (Korean dumplings)

Would you like to go ahead and try my very own Mandu?

Would you like to go ahead and try my very own Mandu?

This might not be new to you and your country might have its own version of this dish. Mandu are Korean dumplings that comes in two types; steamed and fried. Sometimes they are filled with minced meat, sometimes with shrimp and there are also filled with vegetables. This dish is very easy to cook and can be bought in your local Korean store, this is also best combined with fried rice!

2. Tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cake)


This dish is my favorite Korean cuisine! The balanced sweet and spicy taste of the rice cake and the chili paste is enough to satisfy your palate. You can easily find this dish in the streets of Korea but since this dish is one of their most popular dish, Korean restaurants outside Korea also serve this awesome dish!

3.  Cheese Ramyun (Cheese Ramen)


It has no difference with the usual ramen you know but the added cheese on it makes the normal ramen a more mouth watering dish. The cheese can minimize the spiciness of the ramen that also adds deliciousness to the dish; this is the best dish for rainy nights while watching your favorite K-drama.

4. Kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew)


Stew is a very popular dish in Korea and it has a wide variety. One of the most popular stew is kimchi jjigae. It’s a kimchi based soup with various vegetables and pork. It is usually combined with steamed rice: a dish that is perfect to cure a hangover.  A perfect fix for those who does not have much appetite.

5. Jajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles)


Most noodles are either colored red or white, but this particular noodle dish has a black color! Black might not be so appetizing as a food color, but that does not stop this dish to be mouth watering. A noodle dish top with black bean sauce with diced meat and vegetables. Just make sure that you check yourself in the mirror before you smile at somebody.

6.  Naengmyun (Cold noodles)


If you are an avid Girls’ Generation fan then you probably know that this is one of Jessica‘s songs. I would say that it is pretty worth it to be a song, because this dish is an awesome food to try. A chewy noodle dish perfect for a sunny weather, served in a stainless-steel bowl with an ice broth, cucumbers, a slice of Korean pear topped with either a boiled egg or beef.

7. Miyeokguk  ( Seaweed soup)20140628_hanshik_06

Miyeokguk is loved by many Koreans for the healthy benefits it can give. It is also served during birthday celebrations to let the celebrant remember the hard work of their mother and the day she gave birth to her child. However, this amazing dish can be also be eaten even when it is not your birthday. It gives you the taste of the ocean, for the broth can be made from clams, mussels or dried fish (beef can be also used). The warm feeling it gives, highlight the taste of the seaweed seasoned with soy sauce and salt.

8. Nokdu jeon (Mung bean pancake)


This is  the dish that I find hard to prepare, you would need all the power of your hands to cook this dish, but don’t worry if you can’t cook because this can also be ordered from local Korean restaurants. Nokdu jeon is a Korean style pancake made from mung beans. The savory taste of this dish is perfect as a snack while you are trying to finish your favorite drama or waiting in line  for a concert.

9. Kimchi bokkeumbap (Kimchi fried rice)


One of my favorite dish that I usually cook. It is like your typical fried rice but the addition of kimchi makes it special and tastier. The kimchi highlights the deliciousness of the dish. It is a complete dish where in the rice and viand are together. You can also try adding more toppings like sausages, hot-dogs, ham or eggs.

10. Bungeoppang ice cream (fish bread ice cream)


The shape itself already gives an inviting feeling to indulge in it. The red bean filling that is not too sweet is also a perfect ingredient for you to go ahead and try it. A perfect dessert for those who don’t like overly sweet dishes.

11. Sundae (Blood sausage)


I consider this food as one of Korea’s exotic foods, for it is made from a pig’s intestine stuffed with various ingredients like glutinous rice, minced meat, scallions, glass noodles and many more.  The exciting feeling it gives will drive away your fear of trying this dish. It is one of the most popular street foods in Korea and best partnered with soju (distilled alcoholic drink).

How about you? What are your must-try Korean dishes? Share your dishes and recipes with us!

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