12 Adorable Moments of Daehan, Minguk, Manse To Brighten Up Your Day

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Sometime last year I was just randomly watching videos on YouTube to pass my time, and I unintentionally stumbled across an episode of Superman Returns on KBS YouTube channel, and it was one of my best finds ever.

The kids on the show are so well-mannered and super adorable that they are able to turn a cloudy day into a sunny day. Here, I’ve compiled some of the cute moments of Song Ilkook‘s triplets; Daehan, Minguk and Manse that are able to make your day better. Of course, we hope these would really brighten up your day!

There are so many to pick from, if we missed out your favorite moment, please share with us!

1. Daehan, Minguk and Manse’s first appearance on Superman Returns.

2. Minguk got a lecture from the teacher, because he painted the floor with ink after being told not to do it for a 2nd time. Just look at his crying face, you would want to give him a warm hug.

3. The triplets not knowing what was happening on stage at KBS Entertainment Awards; Daehan playing with the bouquet of roses; Minguk being shy and stunned when handed a microphone to greet, while Manse was lost in his little own world.

4. They pulled the chairs to sit in front of the VJ and asked what was he doing, repeatedly and innocently. Who can resists this cuteness?

5. What is better than having your children to cheer you up with their singing?

6. The triplets bid their goodbyes with kisses to Sarang after visiting her in Japan.

7. The triplets brushing their teeth to the beat of EXID’s Up& Down. Isn’t this a good song to teach your kids to brush their teeth?

8. Daehan introduced his father to people on the street. He is proud of his father.

9. They transformed into a band for Hana Bank card CF, with Kim Soohyun and Ha Jiwon

10. The triplets and Lee Hwijae’s twins eating together.

11. Manse holds out his hand to give food to Seojun, but when Seojun is about to take it, Manse playfully holds back his hand. (Was it because Seojun took his food first?)  The two of them started sharing food when Seojun returned the food he took from Manse initially.

12. Minguk asked the VJs to be careful and he cutely shouted ‘조금만 비키세요’(Could you move a little?) You have to watch the clip to see how cute he is!


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