13 Of The Most Underrated BTS Songs You Need To Listen To

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BTS has taken the world by thunderstorm and made it rain hundreds of hit sings. However, they do have a number of underrated songs that deserve some sunshine too!

Having debuted in 2013, ARMY has 8 years of BTS content (so far) to watch, listen to, and laugh with. From “No More Dream” and “On” all the way to “Butter” and “Permission to Dance”, Bangtan Sonyeondan has put their name on the map as certified hitmakers.

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While the majority of their songs were catapulted to the number one spot of the music charts and raked in millions of views, the boyband has a few hidden gems that have been highly underrated; and we’re here to make sure that you guys get to hear them!

The mainstream is cool, but these underappreciated tracks are oceans of their own.

So, you’ve got the photocards, you own every album, you’ve seen every concert, and you know all of their pets’ names…but ARMY, do you know these songs?

#1 Second Grade

Stemming from BTS’ Dark & Wild era, “Second Grade” was partly written by Suga, RM, and J-Hope.

The playful beat and quirky lyrics give listeners a nearly unfiltered glimpse into their 2nd year in the K-Pop industry. The song traverses the group’s accomplishments,  humility, hardships, and the long road they had ahead to become brighter stars.

#2 2! 3! (Still wishing For More Good Days)

“2! 3!” is a song that we all need in our lives.

Rather than being idealistic or realistic, this song is a hybrid of both. No sugarcoating, whatsoever.

It’s a sad/happy melody that has the power to give you a mini epiphany.

A poet takes words and turns them into emotion, whether recited, read, or sung; and let us tell you this: BTS and their production team are modern-day poets!

The soul-stirring words of “2! 3!” do not promise a life filled with happiness only, nor does it promise that we’ll never get hurt. What it does promise, however, is that we can take each other’s hands, erase the bad memories, and hope for better days to come. That is, after all, what keeps us going; hope.

#3 Coffee

Can we interest you in a cup of coffee courtesy of BTS?

Yes? Well, we hope you like your coffee dark and sentimental, because this song is about missing a boyfriend/girlfriend while reminiscing the good times spent at a café together. *Sob*

This caffeine-fueled masterpiece is best enjoyed on a rainy Saturday afternoon with your favorite cup of coffee…unless you like tea (like we do), then go for tea. Don’t worry. it’ll still have the same effect.

#4 Look Here

“Look Here” has a vibe that’s reminiscent of Pharrell Williams’ signature style mixed with some unique Bangtan flair, and it totally works!

If you’re looking for a melody to sassy-dance to while you do your  homework, run on a treadmill, or clean the house, this is the one!

#5 Crystal Snow

“Crystal Snow” is the personification of beautiful pain. It hurts yet we cannot stop listening to this tear-inducing song.

Stream it, so you can cry with us. (Note: Be on the lookout for Jin’s triple high note! It’s stunning.)

#6 Could You Turn Off Your Cellphone?

This undervalued gem is a plea for you to stop looking at your phone too much and connect with people, things, places, and yourself in real life. The South Korean stars point out that as phones get “smarter”, humanity seems to become dumber from excessive dependence on technology.

Yes, it may come as a shock to many, but there is a real world out there; and this savagely meaningful song encourages you to disconnect in order to reconnect.

(You’re reading this on your phone, aren’t you?!)

#7 Sea

“Sea” is a hidden track that was only accessible to those who purchased the “Love Yourself: Her” album. However, you can now listen to this masterpiece on YouTube as well!

We dare you to not have your hearts touched deeply as BTS croons about the struggles they faced in the early years of their debut.

The members of BTS, who are now South Korea’s biggest flex, must feel wonderful when they look back on this song.

#8 Zero O’ Clock

“Zero O’ Clock” breaks our hearts and tapes the pieces back together with words of comfort and hope.

This dulcet ballad was partly written by RM and performed by the vocal line of the group (Jin, Jungkook, V, and Jimin). You’ll find that this track rips the band aid off in all honesty and lets us heal. We all feel sad, helpless, and burned out sometimes, but once the clock strikes midnight, we are given a new day; a new opportunity to turn it all around and be happy.

Whatever you are going through, “Zero O’ Clock” wishes you a new beginning, and so do we.

#9 Love Maze

Love is a maze, but if you keep holding each other’s hands and just let the haters hate, you’ll solve the puzzle together.

In a maze, you can easily get lost. However, in the words of J-Hope: hold hands, and together, you’ll become a map.

#10 Hold Me Tight

In “Hold Me Tight”, BTS asks: Can you trust me? Can you trust me? Can you trust me? Please, please, please pull me in and hug me.

Our answer? Well, if you insist.

#11 I Like It

Legend has it that girls look 10x more beautiful after a breakup, and “I Like It” is an attestation to that notion. Yeah, you show ’em, pretty woman!

#12 Miss Right

Do you believe in soulmates? Do you believe that there is someone pre-determined to be right for you, and all you have to do is find them in this world of 7.9 billion people?

Well, based on “Miss Right”, you can count BTS as believers, and they very specifically describe their ideal type in this upbeat declaration of love. But ultimately, they admit that no qualifications can describe an actual miss right, but rather you just being you.

If you’re looking for the lyrics that can hit you in the feels the hardest, here they are:

“With you, I draw out my future
In between our couple shoes are a pair of baby sneakers” – SUGA

#13 Lights

This enchanting song is a reminder that no darkness is too dark. If you feel down and lost in the dark, find your light or be your light. If someone you love is in need of light, hold the flashlight for them. This pop ballad is all light and love. Plus, the music video takes place in a movie theater and that’s always a good idea.

We really wish that BTS would perform “Lights” live soon!

There you have it! Your BTS playlist is officially upgraded with fantastic songs. So, “Dynamite” and “Permission to Dance” can take a break for now.




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