13 Performances Of SEVENTEEN You Must Watch Today

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When it comes to jaw-dropping performances, you can never go wrong with SEVENTEEN!

Even before debuting in 2015, South Korean boy group SEVENTEEN has been impressing with its performances.

And the past three years following their official debut further proved that S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino were born for the stage.

In anticipation of SEVENTEEN’s upcoming Ideal Cut in Manila concert happening on September 29 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, we give you the list of 13 performances of the boy group you should watch today.


The list includes stages of the self-producing idol group from 2015 to present. However, it excludes performances of the boy group’s title songs because 13 will never be enough, to be honest. Also note that the following performances are in no particular order (How do you rank all these great stages?).

Ready for synchronized dances, awe-inspiring vocals, hard-hitting raps, and overall breathtaking stages by SEVENTEEN?


Writer’s Note: Intense fan-girling ahead. You have been warned ?

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#1 SEVENTEEN X NU’EST a.k.a the stage we always wanted to happen

As a fan of both NU’EST and SEVENTEEN, this stage saved our 2017. When MAMA announced that the Pledis boys would be in one event, the immediate thought — give us a SVT x NU’EST stage.

With all honesty, before 2017, this collaboration seems to be a far-fetched dream. NU’EST, back then, was relatively less well-known that its brother group (inserts our heart breaking), and getting invited to MAMA was never expected, but 2017 happened (Produce 101, actually), and everything changed.

Last year’s MAMA gifted us with a one-of-a-kind stage that really blew our mind. The talented vocalists of the two groups wowed the crowd with their high notes. It was a very synchronized choreography by 17 people!

Our favorite part: That moment when the leaders of both groups, S.Coups and JR, were in the middle, with their members down, reaching for each other’s hand (and we cried).


Moreover, “Heaven” was a track penned by SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, Dino, and Vernon, NU’EST’s Baekho, and resident producer of Pledis Entertainment, Bumzu.

#2 There is nothing more fun than SEVENTEEN donning the Kingsman concept with “NO F.U.N.”

If you have been following SEVENTEEN prior to its debut, “NO F.U.N.” will not be a new song to your ears and eyes before this group performance in Star Show 360. 

The song was first performed by Jeonghan, Hoshi, and Wonwoo during SEVENTEEN Project: Big Debut Plan. Since then, a lot of Carats have been looking forward to a get another “NO F.U.N.” stage and for the song to be included in the boy group’s album. The song was eventually included in the repackaged version of Love & Letter in 2016.

The members successfully incorporated the Kingsman concept and utilized umbrellas in a manner that it does not seem to be overwhelming. It was a definition of everything cool PLUS the members look good in suits.

#3 SUPER SEVENTEEN with “Sorry Sorry”

Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” seems to be the popular song every boy group must cover. And when it comes to its covers, SEVENTEEN definitely comes on top.

Aside from having the same number of members as Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” era, the boy group made the choreography sleeker and added its own spin to the dance.

Actually, SEVENTEEN has covered the song even before debuted, and after the Weekly Idol episode (as you will see after this).

Additionally, the boy group covered Super Junior’s “U”, as well, with Jun even taking the part of Heechul, who bears resemblance.

#4 A performance done with a “Bang”

The thing about S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino is that they don’t simply do covers. They give justice to the songs and put their colors into them.

“Bang”, a track from After School’s non-single album, Virgin, was one of the best covers they did which they also performed during SEVENTEEN Project: Big Debut Plan. The choreography was made stronger and more suitable for the members. The lyrics were also changed particularly the introduction and the incorporation of “After School”.

Right now oh after school up and SEVENTEEN

Aside from “Bang”, the above video also shows the members doing a cover of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” and TVXQ’s “Balloon”.

#5 Masters of Girl Group Dances

It will never be tiring to gush about SEVENTEEN and girl group dances. And the boys’ special stage on Show Music Core was a testament of their ability to do girl group dances the right way.

The girl group medley stage, which now has over 10 million views, saw the boy group performing a remix of Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart”, GFriend’s “Rough”, and Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake”.

Moreover, the transitions of the songs was smoothly done partnered with choreographies that maintained the key points of the dances, while adding new elements that did not drive away from the original or get exaggerated.

#6 From Girl Group to Boy Group, SEVENTEEN got you covered

SEVENTEEN is a multi-talented and flexible boy group that you could throw everything at the members and they can manage to create art. This is not an exaggeration, to be honest. Watch One Fine Day and My Little Television and you will know what we mean.

Aside from mastering girl group dances, they are also pros when it comes to boy group dances (cues Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”).

Although it’s only a short stage (about one minute), the members were once again successful in smoothly incorporating the main points of the dances and transitioning from one song to another (a huge thanks to Bunzu and Park Ki Tae’s great remix).

Also, the best thing about the boy group medley stage is how the boy group puts its performance team at the forefront.

#7 Stan Talent Stan Wen Junhui and Xu Minghao

If you haven’t watched “My I”, save your soul and press that play button today.

We personally feel this song is an underrated bop of the century that needs to be on your playlist right now. Aside from the song, let’s talk about the jaw-dropping choreography of “My I” that is made more breathtaking when seen live. It will leave you speechless, mark our word.

China line used a ribbon in their choreography and that takes a lot of practice, teamwork, and pure talent which was perfectly exhibited during their performance.

If you will watch the music video (judging you if you haven’t done now), you will be utterly impressed at how they filled the whole screen with their movements. The stage is devoid of anything other than Jun, The8, and the ribbon, yet it feels so complete and beautiful.

Final words: STAN CHINA LINE

#8 Hail the Hip Hop Team

SEVENTEEN’s hip hop team members are definitely visuals, but more than their good looks, they deliver hard-hitting lyrics and rhythms that really deserve to be paid attention to.

Although the unit has a lot of songs you should definitely listen to right now, “Lotto” will remain as our favorite hip hop team song.

A bit of history about “Lotto”: It was first released as a solo track by Vernon featuring Don Millis in 2015. It was produced by Gonzo. Around August of that year, the hip hop team came out with their unit version of the song released as volume 11 of the group’s mixtape.

An upgraded version was performed by Vernon, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and S.Coups as part of their Shining Diamond concert. The song was clapback to criticisms thrown at them.

Now I’m on my way to whatever’s waitin’/뭐가됐든 go straight (go straight)/ Fxxx what they’d be talkin’ ’bout (Fxxx they talkin’ ’bout)/Their opinion doesn’t count like ooh

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we get to see a live performance of “Lotto”. If not, well, hip hop team has more songs that will hit us hard in the feels.

#9 Perfect Harmony of the Vocal Team

SEVENTEEN’s vocal team has a perfect balance of vocals. Seungkwan and DK’s strong vocals are balanced by the sweeter and softer voices of Woozi, Jeonghan, and Joshua. With this harmony, the boys are able to provide powerful, emotional songs, as well as, delicate, acoustic tracks.

One of the best songs of the vocal team is “Pinwheel”. To be honest, the song will be a perfect original soundtrack. The piano at the beginning built up the song’s atmosphere, with Jeonghan’s first verse captivating the listener to listening to the rest of the song.

During the bridge of the song, it was impressive how DK and Seungkwan heightened the emotions of the song and how Woozi kept it grounded with his soft voice. Joshua then provided the right ending to the song without overpowering Woozi’s part and instead moving from that.

“Pinwheel” was part of the pre-releases of SEVENTEEN, which came out ahead of the boy group’s second studio album, Teen,Age. 

#10 SEVENTEEN x Orchestra, Jun x Piano are the ships that need to sail more

We know earlier in the article that we noted that this list will exclude the boy group’s title song. However, this particular performance of “Don’t Wanna Cry” from the 2017 KBS Song Festival is too good that will be a waste not to include in the list.

This performance of SEVENTEEN opened with Jun playing the piano. Yes, this is not a drill. Wen Junhui by the piano happened on national TV. What’s more impressive was that Hoshi joined Jun on stage with a solo dance.

Following the piano performance introduction, the other members joined the two on stage. As the song reached its chorus, an orchestra highlighted the performance.

#11 Slaying is the Performance Team’s Middle Name

The performance team has been the backbone of SEVENTEEN’s performances. Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino lead the team with their on-point moves and creative choreographies.

And they have continuously proved their ability to own and slay the stage as a group and as sub-unit.

Moreover, aside from their dancing skills and creativity, the performance team members have also showcased their singing and rapping skills through their unit songs, which you can see in this performance of “Lilili Yabbay”. Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino mixed fast and slow movements, and used every part of their bodies to create a choreography.

#12 SEVENTEEN giving us “Wild Eyes” with a cover of Shinhwa’s song

SEVENTEEN’s 2016 KBS Song Festival performance of its senior boy group Shinhwa’s “Wild Eyes” was everything hot and cool that we started shipping members with chairs.

The members were highly synchronized even with the dangerous move of standing on top of the chair. Moreover, they had a strong stage presence. Did we mention the ending part that was so lit, so cool you will want to put it on repeat?

#13 Snatching wigs with a performance of Uhm Jung Hwa’s greatest hits

SEVENTEEN had performed on Immortal Songs 2 including a stage on Cho Yong Pil’s special episode.

But before impressing the veteran singer this year (and winning against record holder Min Woo Hyuk), the members took the Immortal Songs 2 stage during Uhm Jung Hwa’s special episode where they got the pop diva standing up on her feet.

They performed “Tell Me”, with clever lyrics, outstanding take on the choreography, and perfect remix of the song with the right amount of showmanship.


The list is now done and as SEVENTEEN continues its run, we can expect more from the self-producing idols who never disappoint with their stages.

Their Ideal Cut concert will be another opportunity for fans to witness more of S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino.

The 2018 SEVENTEEN Concert “Ideal Cut” in Manila is brought to fans by Pledis Entertainment, Show Note, Live Nation, PULP Live World, PLDT, Smart, SM Mall of Asia Arena, and SM Tickets.