15 Tweets That Describe How We Feel About BTS’ Jin’s Solo Cover For BTS Festa

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ICYMI, BTS’ Jin just dropped a solo cover for the group’s annual anniversary celebration BTS Festa – and we can’t get over it, seriously!

Can you believe it’s Bangtan Sonyeondan’s fifth anniversary already? We can’t either – but with June 13 coming up soon, the group commences their annual celebration, BTS Festa, once again. All thanks to this string of events, the group had been churning out content after content and activity after activity lately, and we’re more than thankful for each and every one of it.

However, ARMYs didn’t see what was coming for them in this year’s Interlude Ceremony for BTS Festa – and oh my, was it a pleasant surprise! The group’s rising vocal god Kim Seokjin made our feelings a mess at 12 AM KST on June 8 with his cover of Yoon Do Hyun’s “Autumn Outside the Post Office”. This slow rock ballad cover has already reached 892,000 plays on Soundcloud as of writing, and yes, that means we’re listening to it as we write. In fact, why don’t you give it a listen too while reading and bless your ears?

Of course, ARMYs all around the world shared the same feelings we had over this beautiful gift from the heavens!

Here are 15 tweets that perfectly capture how we feel after listening to Kim Seokjin’s wonderful blessing:

1. We’ve been nodding our heads in agreement the moment we saw this tweet!

2. Psh, who’s being dramatic? We’re only stating the truth…

3. Here are two important points for today:

4. #FactsOnly!

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5. #FactsOnly part two – all because everyone needs to hear this undeniable truth!

6. How… how did he make that possible? Answer: he’s a vocal god, that’s why!


8. Can you believe he’s come so far already? Ugh – now we’re crying even more!

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9. Someone hang this work of art in the museum, please?

10. Warning: following this tip will make you cry and feel peaceful at the same time – we kid you not.

11. Who gave you the right to make us feel like this?!

12. It’s so difficult to stop getting emotional, okay?!

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13. Seriously, how many times have you listened to it already?

14. Yes, yes he had indeed.

15. Our final thoughts?


What was your reaction to Jin’s “Autumn Outside the Post Office” cover? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting us at @hellokpop! 😀

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