18 Memorable K-Drama Love Pairings We Want To See Once More In New Drama Series

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For K-Drama fans, yearning for extensions on well-loved Korean romance series is normal.

We pass through stages of K-Drama-send-off-grief before we achieve closure. From creating our own alternate ending reveries to hunting behind-the-scenes videos; it is undoubtedly a struggle, but something that comes natural when immersing to a beautiful story.

Coming up with this “memorable K-Drama love teams” list is not easy. Given how rom-com is a predominant genre in K-Dramaland, choosing the most impactful ones requires serious rumination. Since Netflix and the rest of online video platforms have been introducing more Korean drama content, the pulse of global viewers differs interestingly to domestic audience.

With that impasse, this selection hopes to be indiscriminating. Hence, it covers K-Dramas from the old favorites and recent hits. Moreover, adding conditions of why a second drama project is imperious would be explained.

1. Song Hye Kyo & Song Seung Heon
Autumn Tale | 2000

Autumn in My Heart

Fans of Autumn Tale so deserve this after two decades. If we use the bucket of tears spent for this iconic tearjerker, that’s enough leverage to see this love pairing back together.

It’s also a unanimous vote for a rom-com story. A healing romance drama is also feasible for this deal.

2. Lee Young Ae & Ji Jin Hee
Jewel in the Palace | 2003

A Jewel in the Palace

Rooting for Jang Geum in her woman-empowering journey made it easy to sit on a 54-episode historical drama. Her hard-fought battle to be recognized for her worth justifies a sweet love story. Something that does not involve political conspiracies and outsmarting evil and greedy villains.

The small screen spark is evident between Lee Young Ae and Ji Jin Hee 17 years ago. It must have aged like a wine now. A reunion in three years sounds really nostalgic. Even earlier than that is a blessing.

3. Rain & Song Hye Kyo
Full House | 2004

full house

Cohabitation love stories has been a saccharine treat for rom-com cravers. The classic example from Rain and Song Hye Kyo has spurred a loyal following. Arguably one of those dramas that easily nicks in to fans’ hall-of-famer list.

Hence, a repeat of the love vibe they demonstrated on-screen is highly-encouraged and definitely most welcome.

4. Ha Ji Won & Jo In Sung
Memories in Bali | 2004

Classic Korean Dramas

It is just not enough to accept a heartbreaking after-life ending for these two. In their next drama, hopefully there will be no vague emotions and they get to confront their feelings without jumping on wrong conclusions.

Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung in a love story full of swirling happy colors is just a must. PERIOD.

5. Im Soo Jung & So Ji Sub
I’m Sorry I Love You | 2004

Another emotionally harrowing love story that deserve a second chance of small screen love is this Im Soo Jung and So Ji Sub starrer.

We need more ardent declarations of love. We need it to be coming from So Ji Sub to appease his female fans as well for getting married. *chuckles

6. Kim Tae Hee & Kim Rae Won
Love Story in Harvard | 2004

Much as we enjoyed the campus romance in Harvard, a workplace drama would not be at all bad if they reunite for a future work.

Having timeless charm, fantasy-romance can also make a cut to genres they can sign up for should they agree for one.

7. Yoon Eun Hye & Ju Ji Hoon
Princess Hours | 2006

Princess Hours

The life of fan-favorite K-Dramaland royal couple has sure been kept dearly by its fandom. If their lives years after can be produced again, that would be such a treat. But, we can settle with the next best thing – as long as it will be heart-fluttering.

8. Park Shin Hye & Jang Geun Suk
You’re Beautiful | 2009

Over a decade after, K-Dramaland’s best band ever is probably confronting their early 30s life in the fictional world. Missing their music and fawning over their band’s princess are expected.

For fans of Park and Jang’s in the series, seeing them in another love scenario would be a gift.

9. Ha Ji Won & Hyun Bin
Secret Garden | 2010

secret garden

Dissecting K-Drama tropes is easy through this Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin’s celebrated series. 10 years is quite enough to see them together considering their palpable chemistry.

Will love drama the second time around spell amazing for Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin? Definitely!

10. Park Min Young & Lee Min Ho
City Hunter | 2011

Park Min Young

We never heard of real ex-lovers reuniting for a love-themed drama in an imaginary world. Ain’t that pitch enough for these talented ex-flames to be reunited?

But seriously there have been so much growth for Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho since their City Hunter Days. Translating that into one amazing script is a such a wondrous drama party.

11. Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun
Dream High | 2011

As much as we want to hear their singing voices again, a healing melodrama or workplace comedy drama befit an ideal collaboration for Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun.

At the rate of how team-ups move in K-Drama scene these days, this seem to be possible.

12. Gong Hyo Jin & Cha Seung Won
The Greatest Love | 2011

Best Korean Dramas

Dear Three Meals A Day Fishing Village 5, this is your fault. *wink

Watching the two in the tvN series brought back memories of Dokgo Jin and Ae Jung. There’s just so much more on Gong and Cha’s acting arsenals that can be explored. Them working together again is definitely a brilliant suggestion. Another romantic comedy in the horizon? Yes, please?!

13. Yoo In Na & Ji Hyun Woo
Queen In Hyun’s Man | 2012

Queen In Hyun's Man

No, we do not promote rekindling of old romance here. *wink Another ex-lovers on this list who were really perfect in their series are Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo. From the whoa-lip-locks and envy-inducing-heart-melting frames, it would be a glorious treat if they can have a new project again.

Imaginatively conceived, Queen In Hyun’s Man is way advanced when it was aired eight years ago. A contrast to the fantasy-period-romance setting for Yoo and Ji who knows would bring back some memories and old love again for the ex-lovebirds.

14. Park Eun Bin & Yoo Seung Ho
Operation Proposal | 2012

Enduring the time-traveling exhaustion for the love fulfilment of Park and Yoo’s old series is a valid reason for a take two love drama project. No more time element in the plot hopefully.

Now that both have been actively scoring popular works, it would be heartening to see how polished they had become in a new story.

15. Park Min Young & Ji Chang Wook
Healer | 2015


You can never go wrong with Park Min Young as your female lead. Topping it up with Ji Chang Wook is a bliss.

16. IU & Kim Soo Hyun
The Producers | 2015

Five years since The Producers, IU and Kim Soo Hyun ultimately deserve a series that they are mutually in love.

The more adorable and sweet screentimes, the better.

17. IU & Lee Joon Gi
Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo | 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Probably the most actively haunting series, fan fiction videos prove the clamor for IU and Lee Joon Gi to be together is warranted. The force is just too strong.

Looking back on the fate of 4th Prince So still make our heart aches. No matter how many years their reunion drama would be belated. Surely, its loyal following would be grateful as long as it happens.

18. Jung So Min & Seo In Guk
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes | 2018

The void has not left our hearts. Jung So Min and Seo In Guk moulded to characters who exceeded the expectations of viewers. Ergo, their bittersweet ending in the series is justified to have another taste that leans on a happier note.

And no, we can’t waste more years. We want it to be soon!

K-Drama Love Pairings

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