2017 K-Drama Second Leads We Want To Bring Home To Our Moms

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Let’s run down on some of the best K-Drama second leads who swept our hearts through their charms and wits.

2017 KDrama Second Leads

The 2017 K-Drama Second Leads who paraded this year made sure that their breakthrough performances would be memorable projects for them and their growing fan bases.

Nurturing second lead syndrome for K-drama fans is given by how rising actors work their way up diligently to bag the coveted lead man status.

Compared to the previous years when romance dramas dominate K-drama landscape, we did not have many love stories so we luckily escaped the dilemma of second lead syndrome. But still, there were five dramas with notable supporting male cast who shined noticeably in 2017.

2017 KDrama Second Leads

Jung Hae In as Detective Han Woo Tak (While You Were Sleeping)

2017 kdrama second leads

At least, followers got Han Woo Tak all by themselves since While You Were Sleeping clearly established that no love triangle was set to happen in the story. Aside from winning the hearts of his female followers, we gladly give him the Best Abs honor this year. *blush We will be non-complaining of a few more displays whether the story calls for it in his future drama ventures. *grins

Park Hyung Sik, Choi Min Ho, Kim Tae Hyung, Do Ji Han and Jo Yoon Woo (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth)

2017 Kdrama Second Leads

The more the merrier for Hwarang boys. For creating a spectacular traditional soccer game, adorable bickering bromance and a hot sword dance number, the Silla noble flower boys deserve a spot on this list.

The smoldering gaze of Park Hyung Sik, the debonair attitude of Choi Min Ho, the adorable charm of BTS Kim Tae Hyung, the sweet bad boy attitude of Do Ji Han and the clever pretty faced Jo Yoon Woo drowned female viewers with the types of dream guys worth swooning for.

Kim Jae Wook as Park Jung Woo (Temperature of Love)

2017 KDrama Second Leads

Every girl dreams of a romance with a man who would do everything for the woman he loves. That’s exactly why Kim Jae Wook’s  supporting lead portrayal in Temperature of Love washes out his dark psycho role aftereffect in early thriller drama Voice.

He put up a good running against the lead man to a point of desperation.  He showed the old school romance villain who suffered from a love-hate relationship.

The Best Hit Boys – Kim Min Jae and Cha Eun Woo

2017 KDrama Second Leads

The feel-good fantasy rom-com is one story that I think fondly of this year, even without anything momentous that happened there.

The consistent refreshing vibe was, at times, even more gratifying than the intellectually woven dramas presented this year. Playing the role of Lee Ji Hoon who got involved in a love triangle with his time-traveling father, Kim Min Jae gave a good fight for the lead girl’s heart in The Best Hit.

Meanwhile Cha Eun Woo effortlessly pulled off his K-pop star role, thanks to his idol roots. A few more acting experiences for the handsome Astro member and we would see him snatch a more prominent drama gig involving a love line in the future.

Jang Ki Yong as Jung Nam Gil (Go Back Couple)

2017 KDrama Second Leads

Jang Ki Yong heightened his acting presence through diligence. Hence, he is placed in our 2017 K-Drama Second Leads roster. I barely noticed Jang Ki Yong as the drummer for band Crude Play in tVN’s youth musical drama The Liar and His Lover.

But his second lead portrayal for retro time-slip rom-com Go Back Couple pushed me to an imaginary alternate ending with the lead girl. The model-turned-actor sparkled on screen, credit it to his good looks and decent immersion in his second lead role. I won’t be surprised if the actor is to claim a string of drama projects soon.

There goes our favorite 2017 K-Drama Second Leads friends.  Who is your favorite among them?  We are leaving you with this Hwarang OST from BTS’s V and Jin!

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