5 Best Korean Romance Dramas of 2017 You Should Start Binging Now

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It is an adorable shower of beautiful love stories for the best Korean romance dramas of 2017.

2017 Best Korean Romance Dramas


Packed with heart-fluttering moments, we give you another year-end special list. This time, we are off to highlight the 2017 best Korean romance dramas. From emotionally draining to addictively charming, our drama batch this year sure knows a thing and a lot more about love.

Korean romance stories have been fueling the popularity of the K-drama fanbase. Hence, the fierce competition to produce love stories that would snatch big numbers along with online popularity surge. From last year’s big hitmakers Goblin and Descendants of the Sun, we have a quiet year compared to the buzz and ratings last year’s forerunners generated. But it does not mean that our 2017 best Korean romance dramas are inferior to favorites of the previous year. In fact, this year yields a balanced showing of various romantic chronicles with ingeniously charming plots. It treads on earnest writing which made the 2017 romance Kdrama parade endearingly genuine.

Coated with love lessons and memorable love pairings, here are the 2017 best Korean romance dramas you should not miss to watch before the year ends.

2017 Best Korean Romance Dramas


1. Because This Is My First Life

Because This Is My First Life

In a year full of prosecutors and detectives, Because This Is My First Life is a refreshing oasis that takes pride on its immersing love journey plus bonus reflective side love stories of the supporting cast.  The reassuring love tale leaves a soothing potion that will warm your heart after each episode. The contract marriage between two people who prioritize the reality of their life necessities more than finding love is beautifully narrated and candidly written, propelling a sweet love progression free from uncomplicated plot. It goes freely in navigating the path on how the lead couple find love as they grow together under the same house sharing subconsciously their woes, fears and bliss. Because This Is My First Life proves how a love story need not to be grand or full of twist for drama love vibe to be felt. It just needs to be pragmatic with a sense of direction to the romantic road it is heading.

2. While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy’s anticipated fantasy rom-com exceeds the hype even alongside fairly rating dramas airing on its broadcast schedule. While mostly switching from cheesy frames and thrilling resolution of mishaps the lead cast foresee in their premonitions, the strength of the romance utilizing the lead couple’s fated connection and interconnected dreams are reasons why the addictive pace of the narrative is not wavering. It is stable and sound with consistently sane writing. Pulling off the romance and the fantasy element for While You Were Sleeping is no easy job. For that let’s applaud the focused production team that knows when to cheer up the tone, ignite the romance and surge the suspense of the supernatural spectacle.

3. Fight For My Way

Fight For My Way

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Choi Ae Ra and Go Dong Man’s love ride deviates from the standard rom-com structure of perfect romance. Instead it gives us a reassuring tale how love realization between friends might fall short on timing, but when it picks up to where it belongs, it will be twice as love-binding than others. It leaves an impression on how love and happiness are always within our reach if we are brave and forbearing enough to claim it.

4. Queen For Seven Days

Queen For Seven Days

Queen For Seven Days has an interesting visage that draws you in as a viewer the moment you meet the lead characters. Staged in a historical background, it narrates a breathtaking chronicle of a woman, who relies on love but falters on trusting that love which eventually leads to her misfortune. It brings you to the sweetest highs and despondent lows as the story lures the audience to a web of doubts, betrayals and love. Queen For Seven Days leaves a lingering message on how an enduring love may not picture an ever after at the moment, yet it does not mean that it won’t be fulfilled in the future. Chae Gyung and Prince Jin Seong’s love story is a reminder that such sacrifices are inevitable when you are truly in love.

5. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Korean Romance Dramas

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon executes a heartfelt closure for a love that missed its timing, and celebrate how true love happens when you are patient enough to wait. If you are on a K-drama slump, this will hook you up back to oppa-land. The fast paced quirky rom-com promised an addictive run and delivered it in flying colors with a riveting thriller plot incorporated on the side. It is a whimsical love ride with thugs, a psycho, a police, a gaming company CEO and a woman with extraordinary strength. The love labyrinth is a whirlwind of mirth and everything a fan would ask K-drama gods for as a gift.

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