5 Most Creative & Hilarious K-Pop Covers You Should Watch

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Want to see your favorite K-Pop song covered in interesting ways? Here are 5 of the funniest and most creative K-Pop covers. Covers are made by YouTubers and Korean idols as well.

KPop Covers

Photo Credit: @official_TheRose (Instagram)

K-Pop covers are good, but it will be much better with a touch of creativity and humor. Ranging from using a rubber chicken to toy instruments, these idols and YouTubers covered your favorite songs in the most interesting ways! One word best to describe – LOL

1. BTOB (Red Velvet and GFriend)

We all know that BTOB members are musically talented and variety-skilled. This cover is a result of their musical talent and variety skills, combined.


2. Big Marvel (“Likey” – TWICE)

Who thought that covering TWICE’s “Likey” with a rubber chicken would be a good idea? Big Marvel did. Other K-Pop songs covered with the rubber chicken include BTS’ “DNA“, Red Velvet’s “Peek-A-Boo“, and Sunmi’s “Gashina“.


3. The Rose (“Love Scenario” – iKON)

We seriously do not know what happened to The Rose’s usual instruments, but it is refreshing to see them like this. It is also an interesting way to promote their new mini-album, Void, out on April 16.


4. QPark (“Dancing K-Pop in Public”)

What makes QPark‘s “Dancing K-Pop in Public” series so interesting is the reaction of passersby. No, he does not only sing and dance K-Pop in public. QPark makes reaction videos, finish the lyrics, and funny tutorials.


5. GoToe – (Boy group compilation)

GoToe is a YouTuber famous for his dance medleys of different K-Pop groups. And when he sings, that is when the fun comes to play.

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