5 Life’s Simple Joys That You Can Learn From “Hyori’s Homestay”

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Hyori’s Homestay invites you to a visual vacation that will make you appreciate the life’s simply joys you overlook.

Hyori's Homestay

To say that how many life lessons you could have learned from this candid reality show is an understatement. Hyori’s Homestay is what you should watch when the world overwhelms you, but you can’t afford to go on a vacation.

More than the perceptibly relaxing setting of Hyori’s Homestay, the life lessons I have learned so far has made me a fan of this new reality show. Hyori’s Homestay highlights travelers who seek first generation K-pop idol Lee Hyo Ri’s house in the breathtaking Jeju Island.

Hyo Ri and her husband Lee Sang Soon open their home as a guesthouse, to pre-selected people that have made plans to enjoy leisure in Jeju Island. The happily married couple is tasked to take care of their guests, and are privy on the number and personalities of the group of people arriving.

Hyori's Homestay

To sprinkle bright notes, K-pop Royalty IU is hired as a helper to assist the couple. There are a lot of life lessons I have gained so far in the program, which is why I am raving about this show a lot. I’ll share you some of those.

1. “Do You Need It?” mantra in shopping

Lee Hyo Ri is known to have been a trendsetter as a famous singer.  Just like any ordinary girl, shopping is an emotionally satisfying therapy. When they pass by a novelty store, she goes berserk in trying to check on the trinkets and items of the store. She would ask her husband to buy this and that, but her husband just calmly responds by asking her, “Do you need it?” That particular scene marked on me that I promise how it will be my guide to avoid unnecessary expenses.

2. Happiness is found on the simplest thing

Hyo Ri’s Homestay displays moments of quietly sitting down staring at the trees, listening to the chirping birds, looking at the stars at night, and the rest of those serene nature incidents that you enjoy alone or with a loved one. We tend to overlook such simple joys as we get consumed in the woes and fears of our everyday life.  The charming appeal of this show is how the plain setting matches well with the genuine interaction of the travelers and the celebrity couple.

Hyori's Homestay

3. You need a functional friendship circle in your life

Lee Hyo Ri hosted a friendship circle of girls in their 20’s, who are still trying to figure out what they want to do in their lives. She shares the same sentiments with IU as they have spent most of their time earning money in their youth while at the peak of their career. She regrets not being able to establish a set of friends when she was younger as she was always busy with work.  There are people who have everything in their hands but live a lonely life.  By having friends, you are turning yourself to become a blessing to that person while having that same person as a blessing for your own.

4. Traveling creates lifetime precious memories

The featured vacations of the guests in different ages and life circumstances provide a reminder for people to give importance in the value of traveling with their loved ones. In a world where everything is done instant, and where human interaction is done virtually, we often neglect to slow down. Traveling is not just a healing process but a way of making wonderful memories in your life.

Hyori's Homestay

5. True Love does not require the grandest and most idealistic thing in life

It is well-known how Lee Hyo Ri married a man that is not that good looking. Watching Hyori’s Homestay explains why he is definitely worth her choice. Hyo Ri’s husband has a calm and collected persona that hushes down the fiery personality of the songstress. Living away from the limelight of Seoul to be with her husband will make you feel envious of the depth of love which the Lee couple shares.  She is living and loving incidentally each day with her best friend and the man who loves her so much.  Their picture-perfect marriage away from the bustling city life is an inspiring view of how you can live with the most basic things, surrounded by nature’s blessings with the person you love.

Hyori's Homestay

Hyori’s Homestay has boasted impressive ratings, and I’m not surprised how the viewers are loving it.  It is an endearing reality show that will calm your heart and make you smile.

Hyori’s Homestay airs every Sunday at jTBC.


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