5 Popular Korean Looks

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The current Korean trend is to look younger! To look DongAn (Baby face) is a huge compliment and all kinds of make-up, clothing, and styles always try to feature this theme. Here are some tips to look more younger and stylish, borrowed from the current K-pop world that are popular in the rest of Korea!

1. Straight eyebrows

Eyebrows are important! The length, amount of hair and shape can determine what kind of aura you’re giving off. Straight eyebrows soften your expression and make you look younger by giving your face a puppy-look. These pictures of Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation show that eyebrows can make a huge difference.

Hyoyeon's eyebrows Picture: BeautyHankook

Hyoyeon’s eyebrows. Picture: BeautyHankook

2. Light make-up

We have moved from the generation of 3 inch thick make-up to something that looks like you just woke up from your bed looking pretty. Thick make-up nowadays is considered tacky in Korea . A balanced look such as eye-liner combined with neutral tone lip colors and vice versa has become the norm. Going further, using minimal eye-liner and pinkish lip colors to match your original lip color have gained favor. Just highlighting and outlining the beautiful features of your face is enough. That’s why BB cream became iconic in Korea!


IU Selfie Picture: Facebook

IU Selfie. Picture: Facebook

3. Moist looking skin

In Korean known as mulguang (water light) skin, moist skin means that your face looks full of moisture. It’s not dry and cracking up but looks beautifully soft and smooth. Koreans are passionate about skin care and love to be complimented on their moist and baby-like skin. No wonder Korean cosmetics developed so quickly! Without creases marking your dry face, your face will look at least 5 years younger. There are so many Korean blogs on how to make your skin look moist and ways to try mulguang make-up that can make your face radiate with a moist glow! This became famous once again through Kim Hee-ae (main actress from drama Secret Love Affair) this year as this middle-aged actress showed flawless skin on set and real life!

Kim Hee-ae saying she cannot give up moist makeup style Picture: SectionTV

Kim Hee-ae saying she cannot give up a moist make-up style. Picture: SectionTV

4. Brown hair

All Korean idols seem to be going for this look! Everyone has some shade of brown in their hair. Brown hair softens the atmosphere of your persona, making you looks younger, bouncier and cuter. Because Korean people naturally have black hair and this does give them a stronger look, the trend has expanded from idols to normal people in workplaces with dark brown, soft chocolate brown and ash brown hair.

Girl's Day Selfie Picture: Twitter

Girl’s Day Selfie. Picture: Twitter

5. Long wavy hair

Korean people don’t like to have strong firm curls as it can make them look like ajummas (a stereotypical aunty look with really tight curls). The best trend that’s been sticking around forever is the long wavy hair look, that also has a classy appeal. Many personal accounts include taking idols’ long wavy hair pictures to the hair salon only to be rejected. It’s because this look is actually made with hair irons not actual perm. Apparently perming cannot make loose curls as well as hair irons can do.

Suzy with wavy hair Picture: SS Shiny

Suzy with wavy hair. Picture: SS Shiny

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