5 Reasons Why Dara Is ‘One Step’ Ahead With Her First Lead Role Korean Film

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Dara is starting big in the Korean film industry.

Sandara Park, more popularly known as Dara of the disbanded 2NE1, is back in Philippine cinemas with her first starring role in South Korean film One Step.

The singer-actress has flown from Seoul to Manila to do a series of mall shows and TV appearances to promote her movie, despite her tight schedule.

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One Step, One Step Manila Premiere Night, Dara, Sandara Park

‘One Step’ Official Movie Poster | VIVA International Pictures Facebook

One Step premiered in South Korea on April 6, 2017. And in the Philippines, the film opened nationwide on May 10, distributed locally by VIVA International Pictures.

Prior to its release in the country, a red carpet movie premiere was held on May 8 at Robinsons Movieworld Galleria in Ortigas, with Dara gracing the event herself.

One Step, One Step Manila Premiere Night, Dara, Sandara Park

Dara at One Step Red Carpet Premiere Night in Manila

One Step, One Step Manila Premiere Night, Dara, Sandara Park

One Step Red Carpet Premiere Night in Manila

The premiere night was attended by the medias, Filipino Blackjacks and loyal fans of the idol since her Star Circle Quest (SCQ) days.

Celebrity friends of Park were also spotted supporting her movie.  Among them were actor fellow SCQ alumnus and Dara’s best friend, Joross Gamboa, as well as comedian-host Vice Ganda, who was her co-judge in 2016 Pinoy Boyband Superstar reality show.

Homegrown Korean TV host and comedian Ryan Bang – who was also signed under Korean Entertainment company G-Park Family, and members of Pinoy pop group, Boyband Ph (the winners of 2016 Pinoy Boyband Superstar) were also present at the event.

First leading role in Korean film

One Step tells the story of Si-Hyun, (played by Dara) a girl who is left with no memory of her past after a car accident. She is also diagnosed with Colored Hearing, an illness that visualizes sounds into colors. The mixed array of colors she sees with music makes her dizzy, so she protects herself by wearing a set of giant headphones.

Si-Hyun meets a washed-out songwriter Jee-il (played by Han Jae Suk), who offers to help recover her memories through a melody she continues to hear in her dreams. They embark on a musical healing journey as they collaborate to complete Si-Hyun’s melody and find themselves back in the process.

One Step, One Step Manila Premiere Night, Dara, Sandara Park

Dara as she gives her message to the premiere night audience

Before the premiere night screening, Dara greeted everyone with a message:

This is my first entry in the Korean film industry. Sana mag-tuloy tuloy na (I hope movie projects will be continuous after this).

The former 2NE1 member hinted her hopes to grow as an actress after the group’s disbandment late last year.

With a medical backdrop of a rare illness and Dara’s first lead role in the Korean big screen, here are some reasons why Dara is one step ahead in the big screen with her new movie ‘One Step’.


1. One Step Presents a Different Side of Dara

Screen grab

During her “Pambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas” and 2NE1 days, Sandara Park showed her cutie cute side of singing and dancing to catchy tunes, together with colorful and eccentric hair styles and fashion.  However, a very serious Dara is shown in this film. It is a must-watch!


2. A heartfelt Dara on stage

If you have missed her singing after 2NE1’s disbandment, this is for you Blackjacks! The movie prepares a very heartfelt Dara on stage. That was a nice movie OST by the way.

3. Chemistry of actors with the music

One Step, One Step Manila Premiere Night, Dara, Sandara Park

a scene from One Step (MCC Entertainment)

A great rapport between the main characters and music awaits the movie audience.  A songwriter in his 30’s or 40’s (Han Jae Suk), who lost his drive to write, meets a young girl in her early twenties (Dara) that lost her memories.  How they collaborate to find what they have lost seems to be the best part of the movie, simply because they jive well together along with music. Even those who do not know music writing would feel the harmony between them.


4. An inspirational Dara


screen grab

After the gloomy days since 2NE1 bid goodbye to the K-Pop world, it is very refreshing to see Dara doing something new.  The plot seems to be close to her heart because the healing journey presented in the movie can be easily related to her moving on from a part of her life she was not expecting. An inspiring coincidence, indeed.


5. Dara’s acting

One Step, One Step Manila Premiere Night, Dara, Sandara Park

Credit: VIVA International Pictures Facebook

Dara is not new in acting with her lead and supporting roles in Filipino films, as well as cameo roles in Korean dramas. However, this is her first for a Korean film.  Dara admitted she doesn’t know a lot about how a person with colored hearing feels, but she needs to portray that in the movie. Yet, she managed to be fully immersed in the role as if she was really seeing colors with music, and was even praised by the director for her outstanding performance.

One Step is now showing in the Philippines in selected cinemas nationwide. For the list of cinemas, readers can check out VIVA International Pictures’ official Facebook Page.

VIVA International Pictures is the official film distributor of ‘One Step’ in the Philippines.

Special thanks to Mr. Bernard Doctor and Ms. Arlene Garcia of VIVA Films for the invite to the premiere night.

Event covered by Reg Cagampan of Hellokpop.


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