5 Times K-pop Idols Prove Their Musical Talents Covering Indonesian Songs

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Following the wave of K-Pop acts coming to Indonesia, let us recall the times when Korean idols covered Indonesian songs. Songs covered include artists like Rizky Febian, RAN, and Jaz.

Korean Idols Indonesian Songs

Eunha of GFriend. // Photo Credit: @GFRDOfficial (Twitter)

It has been a routine for Korean idols to cover local songs of countries they visit. And Indonesia is not an exception. Many K-Pop artists have excelled in singing hit Indonesian songs despite complex vocabularies in it. Following the wave of Korean idols coming to Jakarta this year, let us recap some of the best Indonesian pop covers by K-Pop acts.

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Astro – “Kesempurnaan Cinta” (by Rizky Febian)

No, Astro members did not forget “Kesempurnaan Cinta” after covering it. They have been spotted singing the song again in different occasions, such as Music Bank in Jakarta 2017.


McKay – “Dari Mata” (by Jaz)

McKay covering Jaz? An amazing choice. Check the video out on your own to know why.

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Eunha (GFriend) – “I Remember” (by Mocca)

Eunha high notes and rather cute voice really matches the vocals of Mocca’s vocalist, Arina Ephipania. Which makes this cover unique, but somehow familiar.


Sungha Jung – “Akad” (by Payung Teduh)

The song “Akad” by Payung Teduh talks about the singer’s feelings about his soon-to-be wife. As if the original song is not romantic enough, Sungha’s guitar rendition makes the track even more romantic.


2PM – “Dekat Di Hati” (by RAN)

Meski kau kini jauh di sana, kita memandang langit yang sama. Jauh di mata namun dekat di hati”. Which roughly translates into, “Even if we are separated by distance, we still view the same sky. We may be physically distant, but close at heart”. Nice song choice, 2PM!

BONUS: Meng Jia dancing to “Madu dan Racun”, a hit Indonesian pop track of the 80s.


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We seriously do not know how she discovered the song, but it seemed to catch the attention of Indonesian netizens, flooding the post’s comment section thereafter.

What is your favorite cover? Let us know!

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