6 Lessons On Love, Moving On And Choices We Learned From “Suits”

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The 2018 KBS legal drama Suits showed us that life outside the courtroom puts up a fight as intense as the ones inside!

It’s been a while since Suits ended its reign on the television, but we still can’t get over the roller coaster of emotions Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun had put us through! Besides introducing us to legal jargon terms like “pro bono cases” and “subordinated perjury”, Suits was also a treasure chest full of valuable life lessons – which we are taking to heart up to this day! The 2018 KBS drama which had our eyes glued to the screen had taught us a lot about justice, family, love, and responsibility – so here are 6 life lessons we learned from Suits:

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1. Make your life your own.

suits park hyung sik jang dong gun

Screengrab from KBS

Quote: “There’s not much you can do living as a card in someone’s hand. I need to hold the cards and shake the game around.”

Yeon Woo (Park Hyung Sik) and Kang Seok (Jang Dong Gun) share the same ideology in life, and they both do not believe in letting other take control of how they live. Suits reminds us that our lives are our own, and therefore, we should be the ones who would hold it, manage it, and decide for it – not other people. Why should you let yourself be someone’s puppet when you are the one who is supposed to be holding the strings of your own fate?

2. Take your chances.

suits park hyung sik jang dong gun

Screengrab from KBS

Quote: “Don’t regret not having given it a shot like me.”

Sometimes, we realize things when it’s already too late – especially when it comes to our feelings. Sometimes, we do realize it right away, but we just don’t bother to act on it – that, or we’re too scared to do so. Either way, we let the opportunity get past us without knowing it simply because we didn’t listen to and follow our hearts. We end up regretting the things we haven’t done when we had the chance – maybe because of the risks it entails or the fear we feel holding us back. However, is it really worth spending the rest of your life wishing you had done what your heart wanted you to do? Remember, we can’t turn back time – so make the most of what is given to you. If you want something, or someone, just go for it! You might get hurt – or maybe you won’t even! – but that’s a part of life, and regret is far more painful than that.

3. Learn how and when to let go.

suits park hyung sik jang dong gun

Screengrab from KBS

Quote: “You say goodbye to those who should leave, and welcome those who come into your life.”

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone, especially if they had already taken up a space in your heart, but sometimes, we just need to let people go. It might be for their sake or ours, but it must be done for the greater good. We must accept that people come and go – nothing in the world is permanent, right? There’s no point in holding on to someone who is ready to walk out of our lives already, and it takes courage to just let them step away – especially if they just do you no good. Letting people go also means you get to make space for the new people who would come in to your life – so open your arms for change, because you never know who would actually stay in your life for good!

4. Pain is what makes us human.

suits park hyung sik jang dong gun

Screengrab from KBS

Quote: “If we don’t know what pain is, how would we understand the person next to us?”

As sad as it sounds, pain helps shape us into the person who we are and who we will be. Pain can change people – for better or for worse, and experiencing it gives you a broader understanding of why people are the way they are.  Just like love, it is universal – in one way or another, every human being is bound to feel it. You won’t be able to understand someone if you don’t know what kind of obstacles they have faced or what kind of storms they had to brave through.

5. Moving on is painful – but still we must do it.

suits park hyung sik jang dong gun

Screengrab from KBS

Quote: “You can get hurt and become brokenhearted, but you need to give it time to sort it out and start over again.”

There is a popular saying which goes like, “Time heals all wounds” and Yeon Woo’s grandmother, who certainly has a lot of life lessons and wise words she shared to us, reminds us of this saying. The immediate pain brought by the suffering we’re going through might be tough, but as time passes, the wounds will heal and we will be able to move again. Don’t rush into mending your broken heart – just let things take its natural course, for life will find a way for you to eventually put your broken pieces back together.

6. Life is a product of choices.

suits park hyung sik jang dong gun

Screengrab from KBS

Quote: “Life will not tell you where the destination is. Therefore, what changes your life isn’t a coincidence, but your choice.”

As humans, we are given the free will as to how we will live our lives. We don’t traverse a pre-set life path for us because we are the ones who should pave the way for our journey as humans. The road we will use is a product of our choices, may it be good or bad. We reap benefits from the right ones we make, and we get lessons from the wrong ones we take. The choices we make are what determines our destiny, so we must remember that although we are free to make our own choices, we are bound to the consequences each decision we make entails. With that said, we must never forget the responsibility that each of our decisions carry – no matter how big or small they may be.

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