6 Reasons Why JYJ’s Comeback Will Have You Drooling

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After three long years of waiting, JYJ fans can finally let their happiness burst out: the band has released its comeback music video, Back Seat and its third full album, Just Us.

We think this is a great comeback for the trio, and if you haven’t yet seen the MV, see why you absolutely must:

#1  Yoochun and the eye-liner

Yoochun has a very manly aura, especially since he started acting in dramas and movies, and the eye-liner further enhances his mature appeals. Pardon us, but we love the relationship Yoochun has with his eye-liner in this MV. See for yourself:

20140728 JYJ Yoochun


#2  Junsu’s magic hips

No, we are not going too far. Junsu is famous for his marvellous hip work, and he flashes his talent in this video too. Be prepared!

20140728 JYJ Junsu2


#3 Jaejoong. Sitting on top of a convertible.

Really, need we say more?

20140708 JYJ Jaejoong


 #4 That choreography and those costumes!

They scream smexy.

20140728 JYJ comeback

#5  They are together.

What can be more drool-worthy for a fan than to see all three boys (pardon, MEN) together after three long years?

20140728 JYJ comeback2

#6 Those voices!

We’re keeping the best for last: the JYJ members excel as vocalists, and Back Seat is no less a vocal feat than any other JYJ track. Listen to Yoochun’s mature, husky intro,  let Junsu’s marvellous tenor send shivers down your spine, and watch Jaejoong complete the picture with his flawless voice.

Are you excited to welcome JYJ back? If you like what you see, send some love to the boys by buying their album from official sources.

Sources: (Photo, video & gifs) – official MV

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