6 Reasons Why You Should Catch Up With ‘The Beat’ Of Topp Dogg

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After days of spoiling Topp Klass with endless teasers clips, images, and even a global fan meeting dedicated to interacting with their international fans, Topp Dogg has finally made their grand return after an almost year-long hiatus with the powerful The Beat! 

If you’ve yet to have a chance to be acquainted with this amazing group and their music, here are six good reasons why you need to check out Topp Dogg’s The Beat!

1. The Boys Got Some Pretty Slick Dance Moves (with some Low-key Whipping)

Sharp, synchronized choreography with memorable ‘key points’ is a definite pre-requisite for any idol group seeking to stand out in the cut-throat, dog-eat-dog (no pun intended!) K-pop industry. And by sneaking in some of Silento’s now viral Whip/NaeNae dance moves, Topp Dogg certainly has made an impression on us, and we can’t wait to see how their full on-stage performance is going to look like!

2. 2 words: Rapper-Line. Need I Say More?

Hip-hop is an integral element in Topp Dogg’s musical identity – and the group’s talented rapper line (who also write and produce for the group), Jenissi, A-Tom, and Yano, are doing a brilliant job of ensuring that all the raps featured in Topp Dogg’s tracks are explosively good and well-polished. We’re still not over Jenissi & Yano’s spitfire raps in The Beat, and A-Tom’s on-point rhythmic delivery in All Eyez On Me.

3. Topp Dogg Are Just Boys Who Wanna, and Know How to Have Fun:

Topp Dogg’s fun, free-spirited energies aren’t just merely for show on-stage or for broadcast! The boys are a literal bunch of happy pills that are loud, quirky and funny, and coupled with several of the group’s feel-good tracks, Topp Dogg is definitely the group to turn to when you want to turn that frown upside down!

4. They Can Switch From Knights In Shining (White) Armour to Kings of Party Central In 5 Seconds Flat

Regardless if they are showing us their romantic sides or their inner party animals, sign us up for ALL sides of the Topp Dogg members!

5. Their Teaser Trailers Are a Visual Feast For The Eyes

Who needs Tumblr-aesthetic when you got Topp Dogg-aesthetic?

From using bright neons to washed-out filters and dreamy lighting, Topp Dogg’s teaser clips have some of the nicest use of color we’ve seen so far. The retro inspired look for the group’s album cover is also extremely gorgeous!

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6. The Beat Features great songs that should be in your playlist

The Beat isn’t just Topp Dogg’s latest mini album – it’s also an album that signifies the group’s maturity and progression in a positive direction. By experimenting with various genres and foraying into different musical depths, the boys have produced a polished album with some great tracks that will leave you wanting more from the group after the first listen. Trust us and take a spin below:

Topp Dogg has definitely pulled out all the stops for their return with The Beat, and we are excited to see more of what Topp Dogg is able to bring to the table in the future!

Have our readers turned into fans of Topp Dogg after reading this list? Which track of The Beat did you enjoy most?

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