6+1 Times We Fell in Love with So Jisub

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38-year-old heartthrob actor So Jisub wows everyone with his manly image, incredible washboard abs and muscular arms, his handsome face, and last but not least, his acting.

He started his career as a professional swimmer, went on to do fashion modeling and finally landed his first role in a sitcom in 1996. He actually believed he would end up as a supporting actor (phew, we are so glad he did not!), as his co-stars continuously outshined him on screen. Then the 2004 I’m Sorry, I Love You shot him to stardom and also brought him serious recognition in the form of a Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actor in a Television Drama. Then So enlisted in the army, and when he came back, he was cast in the action drama Rough Cut, written by world-famous director, Kim Ki-duk. The role brought him 6 awards, proving that it was not his looks but his acting that landed him his major success.  He was then cast in Cain and Abel, as well as Phantom, and then the wildly popular Hong Sisters’ drama, Master’s Sun.

So Jisub is currently starring in Oh My Venus, where he plays a chaebol heir who trains a champion boxer, and is, by the way, licensed to practice traditional Korean medicine. Abs, money and brains? Who wouldn’t fall in love with him?

Let’s see just how many times exactly we fell in love with So Jisub over the past few years!

The gentle kisser in What Happened in Bali

So Jisub

Look at them thick lips!

The charismatic con artist in I’m Sorry I Love You

So Jisub

Moustache and beard? So Jisub can pull them off perfectly!

A charming cyber investigator in Phantom

Handsome men in uniform – every lady’s greatest dream ever!

A silent but dangerous gangster in Rough Cut

Looking amazing and menacing in a black suit, and well, one of the attractive gangsters on the big screen.

An adorably annoying introvert shopping mall owner in Master’s Sun


Charismatic trainer, doctor and chaebol heir in Oh My Venus

So Jisub

Did you see that body?!

Did we mention So Jisub is also a rapper?

Whe did you fall in love with So Jisub? Let us know in the comments!

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