7 Immortal Songs Performances That Will Mesmerize You

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Immortal Songs is a great TV show that allows listeners of K-pop to get to know evergreen Korean hits, performed not only by talented K-pop stars but also by genre performers or other non-idol singers that you possibly wouldn’t have known without this program. Old songs are often re-worked and modernized by the performers, making them closer to the music of younger generations, while still satisfying older viewers as well. Here we collected the performances we loved best:

1. Ryeowook – Lying on the Sea

This performance will simply leave you in an awe, especially if you only know Super Junior superficially. Ryeowook presents a flawless performance with amazing vocals.

2. K.Will – Where Are You, My Love?

The original performer – Im Jae-beom – shed tears and the audience, even men, were crying during this performance. Prepare tissues!

3. Ali – Red Dragonfly

This performance is literally jaw-dropping, as you can see on faces everywhere, in the audience and among fellow performers. Just. Watch.

4. Lee Haeri – Forgotten Flower

Certainly one of the best performances on Immortal Songs 2, Davichi member Haeri just blows everyone away with her crystal clear voice.

5. Lee Hyuk – Passionate Love

Norazo’s handsome singer, Lee Hyuk has an outstanding voice, which might surprise those who only know him from the funny Norazo MVs. His rock rendition of this classic is going to give you shivers.

6. Im Tae-kyung – Lady Camelia

It is probably unfair to compare Im Tae-kyung’s performances to idols’, since he is a classically trained opera tenor and musical actor, but this fact does not take away an inch from the shiver factor of his singing.

7. Kyuhyun – Too Much

Super Junior members are strong contestants on the show, and this Kyuhyun performance is a personal favourite, as he was sick during the show – and he still mesmerises.

Of course, there are many more amazing performances on Immortal Songs, and luckily, KBS World TV now publishes new episodes in full length on its YouTube channel, for the delight of all music lovers. Click here to watch recent episodes!

Did we miss your favourite performance? Let us know in the community post!


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