7 Impressive MR Removed Performances of 2014 – Male Edition

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Often, it is hard to tell whether or not idols are singing live while dancing to complicated choreography. To help fans get a grasp on how their favorite idols sound like live, several YouTube accounts have posted MR removed performances of idols.

MR removed means that the music recording is minimized while the vocals are maximized. While MR removed videos do not completely remove the background vocals, they do offer fans a better sense on how the idols truly sound like without the fancy background music.

Below are 7 impressive MR removed videos from male idols in 2014. These performances showcase not only idols’ beautiful vocals, but also their charismatic stage appearances. Do keep in mind that it is not easy to dance and sing at the same time.


2. Taeyang- Eyes, Nose, Lips

3. NU’EST- Good Bye Bye

4. BEAST- Good Luck

5. ZE:A- Breathe

6. VIXX- Eternity

7. 100%- U Beauty

Sources: Videos – KPOP MR Removed Official Channel YouTube; Photo – INFINITE Facebook

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