7 New Korean Dramas In September 2017 With Lee Jong Suk, EXO’s Kai, Park Shi Hoo And More!

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Romance Overload is the theme for September Korean Dramas, so be ready to bask in rose petals!

We got a variety of amazing summer stories from KDramaland.  Now it’s time to change the bright colors with romantic hues. Yes! It is going to be a heart-fluttering lineup for September Korean Dramas.

To match autumn’s romantic mood, the fall drama list teases us with sweet stories of imaginative plots.  The love pairings are poised to gift us with whimsical and endearing love stories that will keep us preoccupied.

Mark your calendars and pick your favorite from these 7 new September Korean Dramas.

2017 September Korean Dramas


 1.  My Golden Life (KBS)

2017 September Korean Dramas

Fresh from her junior prosecutor performance in Stranger, Shin Hye Sun jumps to KBS’s new weekend drama.  The weekend family dramas spot has been successful with top-rated Laurel Tree Tailors and Father is Strange so the talented actress is up to prove her journey as an actress.

Playing the role of a once rich girl who becomes a pauper after her father’s bankruptcy, she takes a career challenge of securing a contract job in a big company. She will star with Park Shi Hoo (The Princess’ Man, Neighborhood Hero) for his comeback drama in a major broadcast network.  Lee Tae Hwan (Father, I’ll Take Care of you) will play the second lead.

Why should you look forward to it? It is because So Hyun Kyung (My Daughter Seo Young) will be writing the drama. She is known to embellish a simple narrative with heartwarming emotions, without draining the viewers’ tear ducts. Since we have PD Kim Hyung Suk (Oh My Venus, You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly) on board for the execution, we expect a quirky and sane directing that will keep us loyal for its 50-episode run.

My Golden Life begins on September 2 at 9.55 PM.

2.  Man Who Sets the Table (MBC)

On MBC’s camp, Girl’s Generation Choi Soo Young (Task Force 38) and Ohn Joo Wan (Beautiful Gong Shim) will become the network’s weekend love couple. Just like the usual structure of family dramas, there will be multiple love lines involving the main cast.  The video teaser hints relationship pictures of husband and wife in the brink of losing the love spark, and a man and a woman who start off on a wrong foot not knowing that romance will bloom between them.

Man Who Sets the Table is slated to air on MBC’s weekend slot at 9.45PM this September 2.


3.  Argon (TVN)

September Korean Dramas

TVN’s quick investigative journalism drama will run eight chapters of newsroom life, which will star Kim Joo Hyuk (Confidential Assignment) and Chun Woo Hee (The Wailing).  The main leads are set to play news reporters, who rely on accurate and fact-based journalism.

Argon is set to deliver news on September 4 for TVN’s Mon-Tues 10PM show.

4.  Andante (KBS)

2017 September Korean Dramas

The pre-produced youth drama stars EXO’s Kai (Chocobank) and model-turned-actress Kim Jin Kyung (We Got Married).  Kai plays a typical high school deadbeat, Lee Shi Kyung, who moves to the countryside as his parents’ last resort in straightening him up as a man.  There he meets Kim Bom, a young woman with a feisty and eccentric attitude, who builds a connection with him.

The coming-of-age gives off a sentimental feeling of wanting to belong with someone, and wanting to feel responsible over someone.  It looks like a hybrid of My Sassy Girl and Never-ending Story movies for me.  With Kai on board, of course any girl will go to the flow.

Andante will air on KBS every Sunday at 10PM beginning September 10.

5.  20th Century Boy and Girl (MBC)

2017 September Korean Dramas

Time ticks for a trio of modern women, who get so preoccupied on building their lives and dreams, causing them to overlook romantic relationships in the process. The catch is how the virgin 30-ish ladies would be entangled to their hometown friend, who is a Harvard educated dream guy. Han Ye Seul (Madame Antoine) and Kim Ji Suk (Rebel) will be the main love line as newly-wed Lee Sang Woo (Happy Home) suits up for the supporting lead.

20th Century Boy and Girl airs this coming September 25 on MBC every Mondays and Tuesdays at 11PM.

6.  Temperature of Love (SBS)

eptember Korean Dramas

2016’s most successful actress Seo Hyun Jin (Oh Hae Young Again) is up for rom-com conceived by Ha Myung Hee of last year’s hit drama Doctors.  It is actually her works in High Society and Can We Get Married that I enjoyed more as she used a genuine and hassle evading approach in writing.

Rising actor Yang Se Jong, who was brilliant in his good and evil clone portrayals for Duel, will reunite with the lead actress – who was with him in last year’s top-rated medical drama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. Joining them for second leads are Kim Jae Wook (Voice) and Jo Bo Ah.

Temperature of Love replaces The King Loves on September 18, taking the 11PM SBS Monday-Tuesday slot.

7.  While You Were Sleeping

September Korean Dramas

SBS continues on its prosecutor-themed story parade, but this time with a fantasy twist.  Dapper Lee Jong Suk (W: Two Worlds) is back to play a rookie prosecutor, who will prevent a woman’s horrible premonitions from coming true.

Suzy Bae (Uncontrollably Fond) plays as the woman, who sees future unfortunate events through her dreams.  Both actors previously worked with writer Park Hye Run, who penned Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice and Dream High.

PD Oh Choong Wan called the shots for this pre-produced drama. Knowing his grasp on the fantasy genre with You From Another Star and The Girl Who Sees Smell, I think the hype for this legal-romance drama is seriously justified, together these anticipated actors.

While You Were Sleeping will kick off on September 27 for SBS midweek drama at 10PM.

2017 September Korean Dramas

I am seeing a restless binge for all of us for all these new September Korean Dramas.

Happy watching everyone!

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