7 Moments From SISTAR’s ‘I Swear’ We Swear You’ll Love

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Just a month after the release of their 2nd mini-album “Touch & Move”, girl group SISTAR has released a special album titled “Sweet & Sour” just for their fans.

The special album consists of the songs I Swear and Hold On Tight, with many other remixes of their previous songs including Touch My Body, Loving U, Give It To Me and Gone Not Around Any Longer.

Just today, Starship Entertainment released a music video for SISTAR’s new song I Swear. Groove to it below.

Wasn’t the music video just groovy and make you want to sway from side to side? Check out a list of our favourite moments from the music video below:

1. Who else wants to visit frequently at a cafe Bora works at?


2. This is probably the most awesome way to leave work. In an expensive car with beautiful girls.


3. Shopping with the SISTAR girls are definitely how we’d like to spend our day off.


4. Cruising and dancing in a car with SISTAR anyone?


5. Or shaking your butts with SISTAR on a cliff with beautiful scenery?7

6. These girls are getting a little rebellious, but we’d join them in a heartbeat.


7. Anyone looking for a car wash? These girls may or may not come with the car wash.


SISTAR definitely knows how to have fun on a day off.

Have we missed any of your favourite moments? If so, tell us below or join the discussion in our hellokpop community.

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