7 Trends Every Blogger Can Actually Borrow From K-Pop Stars’ Instagram

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K-pop stars are extremely popular on Instagram and for a good reason.

They know what photos to publish, what captions to write, and what filters to use. They are good at interacting with the audience, and they know how to gain a massive following.

Every blogger, who has a dream to become famous, influential, and wealthy, should follow the trends set by the k-pop stars. Here is a list of top trends that are worth your attention.

  1. Be grateful

K-pop stars express gratitude on a regular basis. They say thanks to their fans for the support and love they get. And it helps them to generate even more love.

Source: gfriend Instagram

Every blogger, who wants to achieve success, should follow this trend and practice gratitude regularly. It’s a simple yet effective way to connect emotionally with the audience and to gain loyalty.

2. Be yourself

Pretty often, Instagram bloggers try to fake the perfect life. They pretend that they are better, smarter, and more good-looking than they really are.

But the truth is that social media users prefer to follow the influencers who show life the way it is. So, in most cases, the efforts of dishonest bloggers bring no results.

What about k-pop stars, they are open and honest with their fans. They post not only professionally edited pictures but also real-life photos and videos. They are not afraid to show how they look like in real life. And it helps them to gain the trust and loyalty of their audience.

Source: Seventeen Instagram

Bloggers from all over the world should follow the k-pop stars’ example and try to be honest with their audience. This is the only way to succeed in the modern social media world.

3. Create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic

K-pop stars have mastered how to create a cohesive Instagram feed. Every singer has chosen a theme that is eye-catching, beautiful, and unique.

For instance, Chung Ha has chosen a bright theme with three accent colors: pink, grey, and turquoise.

Source: Chungha Instagram

Sakura Miyawaki uses mostly pink, blue, and white colors. Besides, she adds the same photo filter to all her posts.

Source: Sakura Miyawaki Instagram

Bloggers should do the same. They should plan out the grid in advance and should edit all the photos and videos in the same way. Bloggers should do their best to create a unique Instagram aesthetic that perfectly fits the personal brand.

4. Write engaging social media captions

K-pop stars know how to choose the right words that appeal to the target audience. They are good at writing. Tiffany Young, as well as other famous singers, knows how to create short, engaging captions that will not leave their fans indifferent.

Source: Tiffany Instagram

Bloggers who struggle to grow social media following should try to create more engaging content. They should learn how to write good captions or consider getting professional writing help. They may use such content writing services as TrustMyPaper, Studicus, and GrabMyEssay, or take advantage of such freelance platforms as Upwork and PeoplePerHour.

5. Advertise the products you like

There is one common mistake that bloggers make – they agree to promote any brands and any products for money. They convince their followers to buy products of poor quality and to support the least trustworthy companies without thinking about the consequences. And, as a result, they face a huge problem – they lose the trust of their audience.

In contrast to bloggers, K-pop idols are not obsessed with money. They collaborate only with the brands they trust and promote the products they like. K-pop stars value the opinion of their fans, so they think twice before starting a new contract with an unfamiliar brand.

For example, J.Y. Park tries to eat organic products only in real life. And he agrees to advertise 100% organic milk ice cream and other natural products on Instagram.

Source: JY Park Instagram

6. Share childhood photos

K-pop idols like to share their childhood photos on Instagram for a few reasons. Firstly, it allows them to boost engagement. Secondly, it helps them to connect with their fans on an emotional level.

Bloggers should borrow this trend from k-pop stars. Whether they look cute or goofy in childhood pictures, they shouldn’t feel ashamed to publish their old photos online. It’s an excellent way to grab the audience’s attention and get more likes and comments.

Source: Krystal Instagram

7. Share behind the scene

K-pop singers understand that their fans want to see what is happening behind the stage door. For this reason, they publish behind the scene photos and videos on Instagram on a regular basis.

Source: VIXX Instagram

With the help of behind the scenes, bloggers can trigger curiosity and attract an audience to their content.

Wrap up

K-pop stars have millions of followers on Instagram. And, naturally, they have a good understanding of how the app works. So bloggers who want to boost their efforts and achieve new heights can learn a lot from k-pop idols.

Dorian Martin works as a digital marketer at WowGrade. Also, he writes for BestEssayEducation, SupremeDissertations, and his personal blog, NotBusinessAsUsual. He is a huge fan of k-pop culture. Dorian never misses a chance to attend shows of favorite singers.

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