8 K-Pop Songs That Cheer You Up On A Rainy Day

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When the skies gray and the rain starts pouring, it can only mean three things: Grab your blanket, make a cup of tea, and stream these endearing K-Pop music.

It isn’t always sunshine and dandelions, because sometimes the seasons change to bring cold wind and rain showers. But don’t fret, because there is an upside of this season; flowers need water to grow! While you kick your feet up with a cup of tea or snuggle up to your loved ones during this rainy season, we’ve compiled the most mellow and cheerful songs that can banish the blues and bring in the sunshine.

From the dulcet vocals of Astro to the heartwarming lyrics of BTS, here are 8 songs to make your rainy days a little warmer.

1. Starry Night by MAMAMOO

Immersed in fiery Latino undertones that sway to a moderate beat, “Starry Night” radiates enchanting nostalgia courtesy of four charismatic superstars. Put this track at the top of your playlist while you dance to the rhythm of the rain.

2. Zero O’ Clock by BTS

If you’ve been feeling a little down, this sentimental ballad can touch the very depths of your soul with its healing words. When the clock strikes midnight, know that a new day is on the rise. Never give up, because you’re going to be happy.

3. Happy by Taeyeon

This enchanting soloist serves up a big dose of retro with “Happy”. Taeyeon sings euphoric words full of soul in this love song that evokes nothing but smiles. We dare you to not sing and dance along to this old school tune.

4. Baby by Astro

Let Astro’s charming quirkiness take you on a colorful journey that will definitely make the sun shine through the clouds. Don’t forget to grab a hairbrush and jump up and down in front of a mirror while you sing along to their quirky words that express the joys of falling in love.

5. Would You Marry Me? Jung Yong Hwa

Close your eyes and let yourself drift in a daydream while Jung Yong Hwa serenades you with a sweet ballad. His serene voice is the perfect pair for the pitter-patter of the raindrops on your window. Happy hibernating, bears!

6. Moonlight Melody by Red Velvet

With its waltzy feel, “Moonlight Melody” will inspire you to get on your feet and dance around your house like a princess. Referencing towards the moon and the stars, Red Velvet’s romantic track is ideal for serene nights under the rainy moonlit sky.

7. Trust Me by KARD

While the world is under a constant state of change, this amazing quartet reassures us that love is infinite and unchanging. The masterfully written lyrics work in synergy with a soothing jazz-inspired tune that will put your mind at ease and lull you to into dreamland.

8. Magic Shop by BTS

“Magic Shop” stays true to its name by conveying an inspirational message of profound love. The sweet lullaby speaks melodic words about the infinite galaxies that we all have within our souls. It’s an empowering anthem that allows us to cry our worries away, yet wipes our tears by reminding us about the symbolic magic shop in our hearts. This song is hope.

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