8 Korean Male Artists Who Still Look Strikingly Handsome With Their Military Haircut

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With their short hairstyle, they couldn’t style like long hair. But somehow, their short haircut still shines brightly in our hearts.

It is noticed that there have been cases when Korean artists are criticized due to their untidy hair, tired face or old-fashioned style in public. However, these eight Korean male stars prove that they are still as attractive and dashing as always, even with their military crew haircut.

1. Ji Chang Wook

On August 12, Ji Chang Wook uploaded a video of him on Instagram, shaving his head to prepare for his coming military enlistment. The 29-second clip immediately went viral on the social network.

With the short haircut, Ji’s new appearance gave fans a big surprise. The actor seems not to lose his attractive inherent facial features, which by contrast, now looks more masculine.


2. Hyun Bin

With short hair in white military uniform, Hyun Bin looks like a prince charming stepping out of the fairy tale world.

It is said that the army photos of the actor were no different from the images in his action flick posters.

3. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki‘s photos had spread across Asia and the rest of the world since his days in military in 2013. The actor undeniably outshone in his military uniform, as well as with his typical sunny smile and short hairstyle.

4. Im Siwan

In July 2017, Im Siwan appeared in a plain dressing as a way to welcome his coming military term. He melted fans’ hearts with his dashing but cute appearance. The new haircut made the idol look younger than his actual age, which is by the way, 30.

5. TVXQ’s Changmin

In November 2015, TVXQ‘s Changmin uploaded a video of the moment when he was shaving his head by himself ahead of military enlistment.

Right after that, the singer received much compliments for masculine charm with his new DIY hairstyle.


6. Super Junior’s Siwon

Considered as the “manliest” member in Super Junior, Siwon seems to be much more attractive with short hair.

7. TVXQ’s Yunho

Thanks to the military haircut, Yunho‘s face was seen to be more chubby, which made him look younger.

8. JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong


Before military enlistment, Jae Joong was known for dying his hair. But his appearance completely changed after shaving his head. With short black hair, the heartthrob expressed himself as a strong soldier serving his military obligations.




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