8 Things That We Can Learn From Our K-pop Idols

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Aside for the love of K-pop music, we can actually learn a lot from our favorite idols, as we see them on camera, following how they have matured over the years. Korean culture is diverse and yet they still remain to their traditions. Each K-pop idol has a unique personality, but we have seen how most of them have improved in their skills and overall persona through hard work and dedication.

These K-pop idols have served as an inspiration for many fans, who have followed their journey from the humble start to really high-end K-pop names.

1. Respect Your Seniors

G-Dragon giving a bow. Photo:

G-Dragon giving a bow. Photo:

Koreans are big with the senior-junior relationships or the sunbae-hoobae . Juniors must always pay respect to their seniors. As a junior, you must do your best to smile, bow down and behave nicely towards your seniors. It’s a sign of humility and respect since these people have been in the industry longer than you are, and have gained more experience and admiration from people around them. Many seniors treat their juniors kindly and even give them tips and advice.


2. Never Give Up Your Dreams

If you have set your eyes on a dream in becoming a K-pop idol, then this means that you have to go to a lot of auditions and have to beat thousands of other contenders just to be noticed. You have to manage your time well, especially if you are still a student. Some may even have to wake up early and travel long distances to get to the destination. Practice your talents and work on your confidence.


3. Being Proud Of Your Nationality


Psy attended a university in America and can speak English fluently but never forgets his Korean roots. Photo:

Koreans are proud of their nationality. They are proud of their culture and heritage. They have a sense of nationalism, that’s why K-pop idols tend to speak more in their language rather than other languages. Yes, they do learn other languages as well, but would still prefer speaking in Korean. Did you notice that?


4. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Even if K-pop idols are already good with singing and dancing, they practice months ahead before a comeback. They practice their dancing and singing routines almost every day. As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” How do you think the guys from EXO were able to be so synchronized with their dancing? It takes months of practice to be able to perfect it. There’s no shortcut.


5. Being Thankful & Focus On Positive Things



There are fans, but there are also anti-fans who thrive on the negative. These fans would divulge themselves in K-pop scandals and give negative comments and criticism on the slightest little things. The more popular you are, the more antis you probably have too. K-pop idols have learned how to handle negativity over and over again, and instead focus on the things that bring them good vibes and happiness, and never forget to thank their fans for their support and admiration.


6. Consistent Hard Work & Dedication

Most K-pop idols took years of training before they are able to debut. The lucky ones are able to debut after three to four years of training, while others may have to wait up to 10 years and be consistent with their training routines. Imagine how hard it must be. You have to be on your own since most idols will live in a building provided by the agency. You won’t be able to see your family or go on a vacation whenever you want. You have to work hard and give it your best even if you still haven’t established a name in the industry.


7. Always Look & Act Your Best Wherever You Go



Even with their busy schedules, K-pop idols still find time to unwind and relax. They invest in good skin care routines, exercise and even go on diets to keep themselves fit, maintaining in good shape. You can see that they also have a very good sense of fashion even when they go out casually. They also learned how to smile and act nicely, even when they are in a crowd and people are pushing against them.


8. Learn To Be Silly & Have Fun

Looking out for each other with strong teamwork will definitely benefit an idol, especially if they are part of a group. Sometimes, stress can take its toll on everyone and it’s good to have someone to talk to and just do some silly things to ease the tension. Idols do care for each other. They have their moments together even though it’s not always caught on camera.


So, we can see that K-pop can open our eyes to a lot of different values, and make ourselves to be more open-minded with another culture different from ours.

How about you? What have you learnt from your K-pop idols?


(Editing by Adrian Cheng)

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