9 + 1 Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Watch ‘Descendants Of The Sun’

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Don’t be the last person to watch ‘Descendants of the Sun’.


By now, every K-drama and K-pop fan might have heard of ‘Descendants of the Sun’. The KBS2 drama, starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, has just started to air from February 24, and has already been making headlines almost everyday for its cast, plot and related events.

If you have not watched it yet, here are the reasons why you better don’t miss it:


1. Song Joong Ki’s First Drama After Military Service

‘Descendants of the Sun’ is Song Joong Ki’s first comeback project after he completed his mandatory military service. After nearly two years of absence, fans can finally see him again. What more can you expect from this mature and talented actor in this hit drama?

20150526 - Song Joong Ki


2. Scriptwriter Of Hit Dramas

If you are a past fan of hit dramas ‘Lovers In Paris’, ‘Secret Garden’ or ‘The Heirs’, you will be pleased to know that ‘Descendants of the Sun’ is written by the same scriptwriter, Kim Eun-sook! Expect nothing lesser than a fulfilling and interesting plot!

20150918_New_Still_ Cut_ Of_ Song Joong Ki_ and_Song Hye Kyo_ In_Descendants of the Sun_ Revealed_


3. Drama That Has OSTs Smashing Charts

OST smashing after OST. In fact, right from the first OST release up to the present fifth release, all of them have been sweeping the Korean charts. What more can you expect from a Korean drama completed with OSTs that have been smashing music charts? Listen to all of them here – ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ OSTs

4. First Korean Drama to be aired in South Korea and China At The same time

A special characteristic is – this drama is 100% pre-produced, unlike the traditional method where shows are produced on an episode-by-episode basis to allow for later adjustments. Hence, the pre-produced method allows the possibility of this drama to be aired in South Korea and China simultaneously. Anything that is the first is usually the best, don’t you agree?

20150918_New_Still_ Cut_ Of_ Song Joong Ki_ and_Song Hye Kyo_ In_Descendants of the Sun_ Revealed_1


5. Too Popular Until China Had To Issue Nationwide Warning

Getting China to be concerned and issue warning to its citizens because of the popularity of the dream, there must be solid substance in the cast and plot. Dare yourself and watch this drama that actually caused a powerful nation to be concerned about!



6. Filming took place in Greece

Greece has just only recently opened up to Korean dramas when it first aired ‘I Miss You’ back in 2013. Yet for this drama, apart from Seoul, Greece has been chosen as the sole overseas shooting location, where the cast and production team stayed for about a month. With a lot of filming in this beautiful European country, this factor is self-explanatory!



7. Song Joong Ki’s dedication to carry on filming despite ‘serious’ injury

Unfortunately, Song Joong Ki sustained serious knee injury during filming. The accident happened because he wanted to shoot his own stunt. As he was expected to require at least eight weeks to recover, he surprised everyone when he went back to work just after two short weeks.  This is pure dedication, and solid proof that he put his heart and soul (and body) to this production.

descendants of the sun


8. High confidence in drama export by Japan buyers

After the drama moved off to a phenomenal start in both Korea and China, Japanese buyers immediately placed it at the top of their list. The competition then led to such a high price of $100,000 per episode. This finally helped Korea to gain back traction to bring its shows back into Japan once again after nearly three years due to the rise in anti-Korean sentiment and previous poorly received dramas. With high confidence in the export of the drama by industry watchers after nearly three years, fans can be sure that this is not just another ordinary Korean drama!



9. Many overseas promotional Activities

As this drama is pre-produced, it may seem that there will be a lot of promotional activities, since the actors and actresses are available to travel and promote freely without being tied down to filming schedule. True enough, Song Joong Ki is already confirmed to hold fan meeting in China, as well as Hong Kong with Song Hye Kyo. Fans can certainly expect more promotional activities to roll out soon!

descendants of the sun


+ 1 : Thailand urges citizens to watch

This may come unusual to everyone, but Thailand’s former army-chief-turned-Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha recently called on citizens to watch the drama during an official government function. The reasons are mainly “they have inserted a sense of patriotism, sacrifice, obeying orders and being a dutiful citizen”. However, he disapproved captain Yoo Shi Jin (played by Song Joong Ki), citing one and only reason that he is too good looking with his boyish look. He firmly believes that “in real life, a captain must shoulder a lot of burden and would look older.”


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