Best Bromantic Korean Dramas Perfect For Binge-Watch

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Korean Bromance dramas has been yielding positive raves and following throughout the years.

In this special, we will revisit the best flower boy themed dramas that you can add on to your watchlist.

korean bromance dramas

Continuously being gifted with swoon worthy Korean bromance dramas, we have consistently basked on feel-good stories in the most recent years. We even get deftly written stories most of the time. This drama list features Korean dramas with brotherhood, flower boys and second lead syndrome as plot themes. Narratives that give us heart flutters, love confusions and K-drama crush withdrawal syndrome.

Better than chocolates and ice cream, pick the Korean bromance dramas on this roster and hit your couch for a sweet weekend date with these man candies.

1. Chicago Typewriter – The ghostwriter and the novelist’ time transcending bromance

chicago typewriter

A wandering ghost, ghost-writes for a novelist who is suffering a scribbler’s block. Yes, pun intended. Their history dates back to 1930’s when they were best of friends fighting for Korea’s Independence movement while doting over the same girl.

2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Bong Soon’s first and last love bromance.

strong woman do bong soon

The police officer, who missed his love timing, gives way to the gaming company CEO who patiently waits for his love to be returned.  True that the hero melts the girls with his deadly gaze, but the second lead also makes ladies want to feel his embrace.

3. Hwarang – Silla Kingdom’s noble sons bromance

Focus on the boys and bear with the excessively diverted story. Hwarang boys’ charming and brawling moments salvage the lack of love spark for the main couple in this period story. Luckily, the road to their sworn brotherhood secure a decent ending hence rescuing the sporadic writing of the series.

4. Goblin – Goblin and Grim Reaper’s Supernatural Bromance


The mystical smart phone challenged ajussis are simply adorable when they bicker – and even more when they fell in love with the mortal women willing to accept their supernatural lives.

5. Descendants of the Sun – Big Boss and Wolf’s Bromance

big boss and wolf

Captain and sergeant? That could work too. We diligently cheered for DOTS’ male leads when they defied near-death experience, a virus outbreak and an earthquake to be back on the arms of their women.

6. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo – The dysfunctional brotherhood of Goryeo princes

scarlet heart ryeo

The handsome Goryeo princes welcome us to a scene where they mischievously enjoy being brothers – luxuriously bathing, playing, hunting and celebrating family events together. Then they break our hearts when all of them betray each other all because of a woman who traveled from the modern times. While this drama leans on a heartbreaking note, it is painfully beautiful just the same.

7. Cinderella and the Four Knights – The Kang Cousins Bromance

cinderella and the four knights

Stubborn grandsons of a rich household are ordered to live in their mansion with a bright girl chosen by their grandfather. Her task is to bring them closer together as family. This Korean bromance drama will sign you up for the familiar rom-com premise and make you stay because of the pretty faced cousins.

8. Reply 1988 – The Ssangmundong Neighborhood Bromance

reply 1988

These boys and their escapades are sweet reminders of people, who can relate to those days when friendship was heartfelt because technology has not taken over the social interaction yet. Reply 1988 hides well the eventual love couple and breaks the viewers’ hearts as usual, due to the equally sweet second lead love failure. Ssangmundong brotherhood shows the kind of good-natured young men that we wish we can still have at present.

9. The Heirs – The Rich Boys Campus Bromance

the heirs

Kim Tan and the rest of chaebol sons amuse us with their angst, pride, dreams and yearnings. They present a picture of how happiness is something that money cannot buy. This youth drama appears typical when you see it for the first time, but a second serving provides an insightful lesson on being young and unsure of everything.

10. Rooftop Prince – The time-traveling prince and his loyal retainers bromance

rooftop princes

Quirky and fun, this delightful rom-com sends us to a laughter fit as a Joseon prince uncovers the mysterious death of his princess by time-traveling to the future. Adjusting to modern life together with his loyal staff, they showcase hilarious moments to protect the prince whom they faithfully serve.

rooftop prince

11. Gaksital – The agonizing bromance of Bridal Mask


Swerving from the positive vibe of this list is the gritty and gripping friendship journey between friends who turn into enemies. Set in Japanese occupation era, the hero and villain awe us with their brilliant character transformations. The narrative of how their strong bond is severed by betrayal and political situation, pierces straight to human emotions without permission.

12. A Gentleman’s Dignity – The F4 Ajussi Bromance

a gentleman's dignity

Targeting middle-aged ladies, these blown-up F4 boys look dapper like young idol group members. The chat sessions, inside jokes, anecdotes and their love adventures are the key ingredients for its addictive run.

13. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – The Ramyun shop’s handsome crew bromance

flower boy ramyun shop

Noona romance and second lead syndrome are best prepared with a bowl of ramyun. The charming story of a woman torn between two estranged brothers is a feel good fix, brimming with sweet moments and working on personal dreams.

14. Warrior Baek Dong Soo – The sword wielding frenemy bromance

warrior baek dong soo

Dedicated to please the male population, this coming-of-age action drama about a warrior and an assassin leaves lasting impression on brotherhood and loyalty.

15. The Greatest Love – The top actor and traditional doctor’s battle for the lead girl bromance

the greatest love

It is a rare occasion when the second lead gets to be as cool as the main lead. The Greatest Love swings the viewer in a pendulum, unable to decide who is better for the lead girl. The humorous and clever sketches of their I-love-her-more events propel a well-deserved applause from the hopeless romantics.

16. Sungkyunkwan Scandal – The Joseon Smart Boys’ Bromance

korean bromance dramas

The fight for the lead girl’s heart puts the viewers in a position to pick between a crooner and a rebel bad boy. The upbeat take of Joseon scholars enjoying the rigid knowledge camp training makes it an easy watch even when it circles to a political-related conflict. Sungkyunkwan scholars entice us on how fun traditional school life is when you have reliable friends by your side.

17. Boys Over Flowers – The chaebol sons’ bromance

korean bromance dramas

A perennial bromance drama favorite, this rich-boy-poor-girl love story displays four rich boys, who are friends since they were young. Boys Over Flowers displays all the trite rom-com additives, but we just can’t help but love it dearly.

18. You’re Beautiful – The idol band bromance

korean bromance dramas

‘Anjell’ lets us peek to the world of idol band, music and love tug-of-war. The cute plot of the idol members falling in love with the boy-pretending-lead-girl is a quick cure for when you are having a bad week.

19. Goong – The Modern Korean Monarchy Princes’ Bromance

korean bromance dramas

Straight from a fairytale book, the princes from this endeared Korean bromance drama induce girl fantasies and candied moments as they journey on the highs and lows of following what is expected of them by the Royal Family, and falling in love with the same girl.

20. What Happened in Bali – The angst-filled battle for lead girl bromance

korean bromance dramas

The lead girl battle is memorable not just because of the surprising ending, but because it painfully glides to the unresolved love confusion. This drama makes all the rest of romance dramas prioritize love fulfillment for the main couple due to its traumatic ending.


There goes the list of some of the best Korean bromance dramas ever. Did we miss any of your favorites?


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Recommended Korean Dramas: Reply 1988, Nine, Misaeng, Gaksital, Discovery of Love, Because This is My First Life, Descendants of the Sun, My Love from the Star, Healer, Punch, You’re Beautiful, Coffee Prince, Princess Hours, The Greatest Love, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.

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