Crush Returns with an Emotional Track ‘SOFA’

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Crush, a young and talented vocalist who stole the spotlight with his previous album Crush On You, returned to the scene with an emotional hip-hop and R&B track. SOFA is produced by Crush and Stay Tuned with the lyrics written by Crush and Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko.

The track describes the emptiness Crush feels after his loved one left him. The haunted memories flash in front of his eyes at the sight of the sofa the special person used to sit on. The genius build-up of the song, will have you feeling three contrasting emotions all at once.

1. Nostalgia

If you have ever been in a relationship, you can most likely relate to the touching lyrics of the track. The feeling of missing someone so much, you feel like you cannot survive without him or her. All the special memories you two shared, flashing back to you like a slide-show. There is probably a special place or object that represents your relationship. In Crush’s case, it was a sofa.

I’m alone on the sofa where you used to be
I’m here, waiting for you
So far from my side, you’re so far away
I’m still not over you, only dust remains
As I wait for you -translated by pop!gasa

2. Jealousy

Halfway through the song, you will most likely start to feel a spark of jealousy for the girl that the romantic track was directed to. Thoughts like these may pop up in your head: “She is one lucky girl” or “Who in their right mind would break up with someone that can serenade you like this?” Or, if you are like me, you are too busy grooving to the sick beat to notice the lyrics the first time around.

3. Comfort

Besides nostalgia and jealousy, it is also likely that you feel comfort through the track. After listening to the track, you now know that you are not alone when you go through a rough time after a break up. Those crazy emotions you felt are completely normal. Just look at Crush, he’s singing about a sofa.

So now that you have read through the three powerful emotions you may feel after listening to the track, pause what you are doing and let Crush serenade you with his smooth vocals.

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