Best Of Eric Nam On Twitter – From Selfies To Hilarious Tweets

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Thank you for being on Twitter, Eric Nam.

Eric Nam has been famous for his bubbly, friendly, and humble personality. He takes a good amount of time to greet his fans, be it face to face or on his social media accounts. And Twitter has been one of his outlets to channel his love for fans.

Here are 10 of Eric Nam’s most memorable Tweets, from selfies to adorable ones.

1. Good morning too, sir.

2. Karaoke at the replies section?

We are all for it.

3. Thank you for the health tips.

Will definitely try it out.

4. We love collaborations.

And if you have not listened to Loote and Eric Nam’s collaboration, “Your Side of the Bed“, it is amazing.

5. The World Cup fever is real.

6. More artists should try this out.

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7. Nice angle.

Not everyone can pull off a selfie from that angle that flawlessly.

8. Good luck with that 37926090 steps.

We will always support you.

9. We love you guys.

10. A guide to watching concerts:

BONUS: That time he performed at We The Fest!

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