5 Intriguing Facts About Mermaids, According To Lee Min Ho And Jun Ji Hyun

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1. They are mostly Koreans.

Well actually, they can be Chinese, Japanese or whoever too. But it seems they are pretty eloquent in Korean language though. An underwater Korean school maybe?


2. A mermaid’s tail can be transformed into legs while on land.

That colleague who loves to swim and loves sashimi could actually be a mermaid. Only the sea knows.


3. They are fashionable.

Underwater glasses and sea shell clutches … You can’t strut in water but surely you can swim in style.


4. They can erase memories of themselves from a person by kissing them.

Kissing a mermaid? If only every one of them looks like Jun Ji Hyun (or Lee Min Ho)


5. They are incredibly strong.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with them (or that sashimi-crazy colleague of yours)


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‘5 Intriguing Facts About Mermaids’ is researched by ‘University of the Blue Sea’ of ONE Singapore, additional editing by Adrian (Hellokpop).


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