Fans React To ‘Song Joong Ki Syndrome’

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Are you affected by the ‘Song Joong Ki Syndrome’?


Have you been catching up with the current hottest Korean drama ‘Descendants of The Sun’? Due to the phenomenal craze, fans become obsessed with the male lead Song Joong Ki, thus developing the officially known ‘Song Joong Ki syndrome’. They show their obsession by setting the star’s photos as their gadgets’ wallpaper, and many other ways whatever they can think of.  But if you haven’t watch it yet, let us be the bad guy and tell you the 9 reasons why you need to watch this drama.

Check out the effects of ‘Song Joong Ki Syndrome’ below:

1. Learning how to hit on a girl in English class, but result is not guaranteed. Try at your own risk.


2. The dilemma is real. You want him to be your wallpaper, but you do not want him to be blocked in anyway. Best way – surround his face with all the desktop icons.


3. In test papers. Thanks us later if it comes out in your tests.


via: @masterseungri


4.  You asked your friend to type short in group chat, so it will not block his face. (then you have a friend who will do it on purpose)


5. Even celebrities caught it. It’s unstoppable.


6. Fans are self-less. Pairing up Lee Kwang Soo with him. Awesome – whoever did that out there.


7. Eight steps + tips to safe driving. Now, educational progress here …


8. You … cannot concentrate. His name appears anywhere, everywhere you want to do.


9. When Running Man Parody … Unthinkable


10. When you kiss him “on-screen” in front of your own boyfriend …



11. He is my song … Song Joong Ki



Are you infected with the syndrome too?

Tell us what you did in the comment box and we will feature you in our next article!


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