K-Pop Releases This Week (April 8-14) – Groups

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K-Pop releases this week consist of a variety of genres and vibes. Groups include Super Junior, EXO-CBX, UNB, NOIR, and GreatGuys.


Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

1. “Lo Siento” – Super Junior (Feat. Leslie Grace)

Super Junior’s “Lo Siento” collaboration with Latin-pop singer Leslie Grace may not be the typical release you will find from a K-Pop group. Instead, this is what makes the track unique and interesting. And imagine having three languages in one song. Super Junior did that.

2. “Blooming Day” – EXO-CBX

“Blooming Day” is that kind of lightly upbeat track you can listen to all day. 10/10 would recommend for your spring music playlist. The music video? Perfect.

3. “Feeling” and “Only One” – UNB

If “Feeling” starts off slow and constantly progresses to its upbeat hook, “Only You” maintains a slower pace throughout the song. Either way, UNB members’ vocals are well showcased throughout these tracks.

4. “Gangsta” – NOIR

Rookie boy group NOIR debuted with single track “Gangsta” from EP Twenty’s Noir. The song features a strong, dark concept from the boys. Looking forward to more of NOIR’s, don’t you?!

5. “GANDA” – GreatGuys

“Ganda” talks about falling in love with someone. The cheerful color scheme radiated by the music video seems to add up the spring-ness of this track.


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