K-Pop Releases This Week (April 8-14) – Collaborations & Duos

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Pick from this week’s collaborations and duos to create your own playlist! Including Hyeongseob x Euiwoong, Mad Clown and Ailee, Gunmin x Heedo, and Lee Hong Gi and Yoo Hweseung.

Collaborations and Duos

Photo Credit: Yuehua Entertainment

Duos and collaborations are something we always look forward to. There is something just so special about collaborations, especially how it combines the strengths of different artists to produce the best music product. The following duos and collaborations will definitely keep you hooked for the weekend!

1. “Love Tint” – Hyeongseop x Euiwoong

“Love Tint” expresses the feeling of madly falling in love with someone, but somehow only being able to watch from a distance. In love? You will relate to this track so much.

2. “Thirst” – Mad Clown, Ailee

Ailee’s high notes and Mad Clown’s rap parts complement each other well in this track. Honorable mention goes to the high school setting of the music video, which adds cheerful vibes to the song.

3. “Don’t Worry” – Gunmin x Heedo (B.I.G.)

The hip-hop track talks about the artists’ journey and dreams, how they are constantly motivated by their aspirations. And even if everything falls apart, they will still be responsible for the journey they chose.

4. “Still Love You” – Lee Hong Gi (F.T. Island), Yoo Hwe Seung (N.Flying)

Lee Hong Gi is back with a heartbreaking track “Still Love You”.

“Still Love You” takes the experience of trying to move on from a previous lover, but is unable to do so. Relatable. But also, beware of Lee Hong Gi’s high notes!

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