K-Pop Releases This Week (April 8-14) – Soloists

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Need new songs for your weekend? Here are the K-Pop releases this week. Soloists include Eric Nam, Heo Young Saeng, and Drunken Tiger.

Soloists’ release this week is the embodiment of having a wide spectrum of genres. From Eric Nam’s rather upbeat “Honestly” to Seventeen’s DK with mellow “Missed Connections”, the solo releases this week does not disappoint. Check out this week’s solo releases, as compiled below.

1. “Honestly” and “Potion” – Eric Nam

If Eric Nam’s previous EP, Interview, features a slower set of tracks, Honestly takes a different route. “Honestly” and “Potion” adopts a rather upbeat and EDM style to it. Need upbeat tracks? Eric Nam’s tracks to your rescue!

2. “Maybe Spring” – Yoo Seonho

There is something about Seonho’s voice that gives off a refreshing and cute vibe. Combined with the cheerful piano instrumentals, you will find youself singing along in no time!

3. “Think Too Much” – Changmin Lee

If you think that this song is a heartbreaking, mellow ballad, you are wrong. In fact, the acoustic-centric track talks about the singer’s personal struggles against the expectations set by those around him.

4. “Destiny” – Heo Young Saeng (SS501) (feat. Mad Clown)

“Destiny” adopts a more calmer R&B approach to its melody. And Mad Clown’s rap parts help build up to that approach.

5. “Yet” – Drunken Tiger

Drunken Tiger never disappoints, right? The track talks about Drunken Tiger’s struggle in the music industry, and somehow encourages the audiences to reflect on their own struggles.

6. “Missed Connections” – DK (Seventeen)

If you have been looking for heartbreaking ballads, this is one. The OST of popular K-Drama Tempted talks about one’s regret of not confessing his feelings. He initially hesitates, because confessing exposes him to the consequence of breaking their relationship. But at the same time, regrets not doing so. Sure, this kind of thing happens a lot.

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