K-Pop Playlist: Preparing For “BTOB In Jakarta 2018”

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Are you pumped for BTOB in Jakarta 2018? Because we are!


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BTOB will showcase their all-rounder vocal, music, and variety skills on their BTOB in Jakarta 2018 fan meeting. The event will take place on Friday, September 21 at The Kasablanka Hall Kota Kasablanka.

While it is only a little bit above three weeks before the event, let us gear up with some of BTOB’s best tracks. Soundtracks included.

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1. “Missing You”

2. “When It Rains” (BTOB-BLUE)

3. “It’s Okay”

4. “For You” (OST. Cinderella With Four Knights)

5. “WOW”

6. “Only One For Me”

7. “Movie”

8. “The Winter’s Tale”

9. “Ambiguous” (OST. Fight For My Way)

10. “I’ll Be Your Man”

11. “You’re So Fly”

12. “Thriller”

13. “Remember That”

14. “Beep Beep”

15. “Way Back Home”

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