K-Pop Playlist: Korean Indie Music

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Korean indie music does not disappoint!

Bolbbalgan4 - Korean Indie

Bolbbalgan4. // Photo Credits: Shofar Music

If you perceive”indie musicians” to be a group of music artists mixing and mastering random recordings, then you are wrong. Within the diversity of what Korean independent music can offer, it encompasses a mix of genres we usually encounter: from hard rock to electronic and jazz.

If you would like to explore more of the Korean indie music, this playlist is for you!

1. “Wi Ing Wi Ing” – HYUKOH

2. “It’s Over” – GIFT

3. “S.C.H.” – Standing Egg

4. “Vineyard” – Oohyo

5. “You Did Well Today” – OKDAL

6. “Space Travel” – Monogram

7. “Take Me” – MISO

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8. “Who Do You Love” – The Black Skirts

9. “In This Blue” – Rheehab (feat. SLCHLD)

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10. “Blue” – Room306

11. “How Do You Think” – CHEEZE

12. “Choose 2 Love” – Sam Ock

13. “Help” – 10cm

14. “My Love” – Urban Zakapa

15. “Some” – Bolbbalgan4

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